UNC’s Hairston Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana

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North Carolina v Kansas

University of North Carolina basketball player PJ Hairston was arrested Wednesday night for possession of marijuana and driving without a license.  Now before we rush to judgement on the young man, ask yourself how many things in life you wish you could go back and change.  I am not condoning the actions of Hairston but we have all made mistakes in life.  JJ Reddick is an outstanding citizen and made a similar mistake in college.  College is a time when most kids get their first experience of “being on their own” so to speak.  If smoking some weed in college with some friends is the worst mistake you’ve made in your life, then I would say you are doing alright.

According to reports Hairston and two other individuals were stopped in a license check in Durham, N.C. Wednesday night around 10:20 pm and Hairston did not have his license on his possesion. (he does posses a valid NC drivers license).  During a search of the car less than a 1/2 ounce of marijuana was discovered and subsequently all three occupants were charged with misdemeanor possession.

UNC has had a recent issue with a player and marijuana when rising Sr. William Graves was kicked off the team for failing multiple drug tests in 2010.  This being Hairston’s first run in with the law I can’t see that happening.  In fact, “Hairston will be subject to internal discipline by UNC head coach Roy Williams, but he is not expected to be suspended and/or kicked off the basketball team, nor is he expected to miss practice or game time.”  a source close to the situation said.

I had the privilege of meeting PJ and his mother Wendy Poteat when PJ was in high school and I tell you now that PJ is more worried about her reaction to this than he is to Roy Williams’ reaction.  Nothing hurts worse than having a parent tell you “how disappointed they are in you” or “how much you have embarrassed me” , trust me, I’ve had that conversation.

Punishment sometimes has its own way of working itself out.  Hairston was just selected to be a part of the 2013 USA Basketball Men’s World University Games Team training camp.  One has to think that this offense would hurt/hinder Hairston’s chances of being selected.  That in itself is a punishment that will carry with PJ for some time.

Mark Seidel


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