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25 Random Baseball Thoughts

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We are two months into the MLB season and I have thoughts on some of the current happenings.Should be a fascinating summer to see what teams seperate from the pack, if Miguel Cabrera can make a run at another triple crown, and if one of the teams playing in LA can bounce back to save their managers job.As always email comments to TBone@wfnz.com, tweet me @TBonewfnz, or leave a comment below.

1 If Chris Davis keeps up his torrid pace we could be in for an amazing AL MVP race this summer.Davis is at .353,19 HRs, 50 RBIs.Miguel Cabrera is at .359,15 HRs,and 59 RBIs

2 The combined payroll for the Dodgers and Angels is 358 million.Their combined record over the 1st 2 months is 47-59

3 Yankees fans shouldn’t be shocked by the recent skid.I’m Surprised this is the first big one of the season.You can get by for awhile with a makeshift lineup but you eventually need your main guys to win over the course of the season.

4 Its not hard to figure out who biggest bust signing of the winter is. B.J.Upton is hitting .146 with 4 HRs and 8 RBIs after signing a 75 million dollar deal with the Braves.

5 Go ahead and try to name the 4 players that lead the league in wins with 8. Your lying if you said Jordan Zimmerman, Patrick Corbin, Justin Masterson and Matt Moore.

6 This season is a great example of how quickly closers can rise and fall.Jim Johnson and Fernando Rodney were dominant last season and Jason Grilli was a journeyman bullpen guy. Now? Johnson has an ERA hovering near 5 with 4 blown saves and Rodney has ERA over 5.Grilli leads all of baseball with 22 saves for the red hot Pirates

7 In the last 2 days I have heard Manny Machado compared to Alex Rodriguez and Matt Harvey compared to Justin Verlander.Hard to argue with either one at the moment.

8 Its rare when something on the bottom line makes me a do a double take but it happened Tuesday when I saw the hitting line for Brewers SS Jean Segura. 6 for 7 with 6 singles.Segura leads the NL hitting at .358.See you at the All Star Game Jean.

9 Not many combinations in baseball are better right now than Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitski of the Rockies. They have combined for 25 HRs and 77 RBIs so far and are Keeping the Rockies alive in the competitive NL West

10 3 teams  are vying for biggest disappointment 2 months in. Washington and Toronto had World Series aspirations and many people thought this was the year for a Royals breakthough.The Jays and Royals are currently in last while the Nationals are right at .500 5 1/2 games behind the Braves

11 AL manager of the year race should be interesting. Prior to the recent slide it was Joe Girardi hands down but John Farrell has done great work  with the Red Sox,somehow Bob Melvin’s A’s are only 3 back of the Rangers after winning 8 of 10, and we can’t forget the job Terry Francona is doing with the Indians

12 When discussions of the best franchises in sports come up we better start including the Cardinals with the Patriots and Spurs

13 Pretty remarkable that we are 2 months into the season and 4 starters still have ERAs under 2. Kershaw, Corbin, Harvey, and Bucholtz

14 Adam Dunn is on a 4 year 56 million dollar contract. His last 3 years?.159, .204, .153

15 Don’t be laughing at Adam Dunn, Jayson Werth. You aren’t off the hook here. 29 HRs over the last 3 seasons after signing a mega 126 million deal.

16 We see you Scott Kazmir.3 wins and great 10K game for the Indians. Rooting for the guy.Control problems are surfacing again though.

17 Baltimore could be a couple starting pitchers away from being legit World Series contenders.Record would be more impressive if Jim Johnson held the fort down better.

18 In April of 2012 the Marlins opened a new stadium, had Ozzie Gullien as manager, and had a roster built for a deep run in the NL. In May of 2013 they are on pace for 122 losses.The free Giancarlo Stanton movement should be starting soon.

19 Two names should be near the top of the NL MVP race right now. Troy Tulowitski and Paul Goldschmidt  Tulo is at 12HRs, 43 RBIs, and .335. Goldschmidt is at 12 HRs, 41 RBIs, and .337.

20. I was really interested when the season started to see how Tim Lincecum bounced back after a down year. He helped  the Giants out of the bullpen in their playoff  run but it appears the freak has been leashed for good.3-5 and his ERA is again over 5.

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