Kenny Smith: “I Still Every Now And Then Will Say The Charlotte Hornets… As Long As They’ve Been The Bobcats, It Never Sunk In.”

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Bustin’ Loose: 5-23-13: Kenny Smith, NBA on TNT Analyst, stopped by to join the guys on Bustin’ Loose to talk about the Charlotte Bobcats move to bring back the Hornets and some interesting thoughts on the NBA Playoffs and the thrilling Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals: “Miami is the bully on the block, [the Pacers] say I’m gonna walk down the block one more time and see if they can still beat my butt.”

The story of the day was LeBron James big game as the Heat defeated the Pacers in Game one of the Eastern Conference Finals, and Kenny game us his thoughts on how the end of the game played out.

“I think you can understand why [Vogel] didn’t have Hibbert on the floor… You wouldn’t figure the Heat were going to get a layup with 2 seconds left. However, more important was Paul George’s lack of defensive thought process to allow that to happen, more than Frank Vogel not having Roy Hibbert on the court.”

Everyone seems to searching for someone to blame on the Pacers for the loss, but Kenny offered up a candidate that should be praised for the Heats win.

“LeBron made a great play, but more importantly, Spoelstra drew up a great play… He had all of that movement and action, so I just thought it was a great basketball play.”

LeBron’s greatness is well-documented, but there are a lot of people who are reluctant to place James above some of the all-time legends. Kenny told us why he thinks this notion still exists.

“The difference between what Larry Bird is, what Magic Johnson is, what Michael is, even what Kobe is is championships… What they collectively have that puts them in a different category is their teams were all the best.”

The big NBA news here in Charlotte has to do with the name change of the Bobcats back to the Hornets, and Kenny thought this was the best move for the city and for the franchise moving forward.

“I still, every now and then will say the Charlotte Hornets. It never really left my thought process. As long as they’ve been the Bobcats, it never sunk in to me, and I think Michael understands that.”

And lastly, Michael Jordan’s tenure as the Bobcats’ owner has been met with a lot of criticism. but Kenny isn’t sure that vitriol is warranted.

“He gets a bad rap, I think, overall about his inability to have a franchise that wins. I think that there’ve been elements there that just haven’t clicked. I think he’s made some good decisions, but I don’t think he’s made great decisions… I think that perception of his greatness [as a player] hinders him as an owner.

One of Kenny’s greatest enjoyments is the Basketball Camp he hosts every summer at Chapel Hill. The dates for this year’s camp is June 12th to the 17th. To sign up for the camp or to find out any additional information, please visit Also, you can follow the NBA on TNT Analyst on Twitter @TheJetOnTNT.

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