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Gallup: Majority Of Americans Are Negative About Moral Direction Of Country

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File photo of a woman praying. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

File photo of a woman praying. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

FRANKLIN, N.C. (CBS Charlotte) – Many organizations, such as the Ten Commandments based in Franklin, N.C., are concerned about the direction in which America is headed.

“The Mission of the Ten Commandment Groups is to Re-Establish God’s Moral Laws in our schools, courtrooms and public places, because no civilized society, or government can exist successfully without the recognition, acceptance, adherence and submission to an absolute authority and to God’s moral law,” the mission statement posted on their Facebook page reads.

According to the results of a recent Gallup Poll, organizations such as these, rather than being on the fringe of American thought, are in fact not alone in their views of American morality. The recent survey, whose results were announced Wednesday, indicates that 72 percent of people throughout the country feel our morals as a nation are on the decline.

“Most Americans are still highly pessimistic about the direction in which moral values in the United States are headed,” a release on the survey’s findings noted. “Similarly, Americans remain down on the current state of moral values in the [United States].”

Approximately 42 percent of Americans would describe our present national morals as “poor,” a marked increase from the 38 percent who felt the same way just two years prior when asked by Gallup.

The Washington, D.C., based polling organization also found that both married people and Republicans were more likely to view American morals in a negative light.

“Republicans are far more likely than Democrats and independents to have negative assessments of moral values; still, majorities of all partisan groups have negative views of morals,” the release stated. “Also, Americans who are married, those who are upper- and middle-income, and those who attend church regularly tend to have more negative views of moral values in the U.S. than their counterparts.”

The information was gathered as part of Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs survey. This year, researchers spoke to 1,535 Americans living all over the country from May 2 to May 7.

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