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Wiggins To Decide, Bryce Hits The Wall, And The NBA Playoffs

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We are getting back in the swing of things here with our daily blog now that the whole crew is back together.Here are 8 thoughts on current issues going on in the sports world.

1.Its Andrew Wiggins announcement day.I have never been more nervous for an announcement from a player that one of my many teams is not involved in. Wiggins to UNC puts them right up there with Kentucky as National Championship contenders next season but it appears FSU and Kansas might have a better chance. Here is the question for Duke fans, would you rather have Wiggins at UNC or Kentucky? I know the easy answer is to say Kentucky but if you’re looking at the big picture which is a National Championship then you probably want to keep him away from the Wildcats.You add Wiggins to that class and there won’t be a team close them next season.

2 There is a good chance Bryce Harper has a bad headache today and has no clue what his name is.

3 Speaking of the Yankees, what an amazing job they have done so far.Despite missing A-Rod, Tex, Granderson, Jeter, Youkilus, Cervelli, and Nova they are in 1st place and 10 games over.500 on May 14th.They are finally playing the way fans have wanted for years.Not just living and dying with the long ball but playing small ball, advancing runners, and doing the little things needed to win. I want to say at some point they will hit a bad stretch and fall out of contention but Girardi is showing this season that he is an elite manager on par with Buck Showalter and Joe Maddon so I put nothing past them right now.They have won 5 World Championships in my lifetime but right now I have never had more pride in the Yankees

4 Just when Chandler thought Joey Tribbiani was the dumbest guy he had to deal with, this happened.

5.t’s not a secret that I’m not a huge NHL fan (I do watch all Rangers playoffs games) but last night is what makes their playoffs so special.It seems like every year there a couple of games that nearly break Twitter and the Bruins-Leafs game last night did just that.Down 3 goals with 10 minutes the Bruins rallied to win 5-4 in OT. One of the best comebacks you will ever see and on the flip side it a collapse we haven’t seen since Sergio Garcia melted down at the TPC

6. Is there a better big man in the game today than Marc Gasol? 23 points, 11 rebounds, and 6 blocks against the Thunder in game 5

7.A lot of people like to rip on Carmelo but Kevin Durant has been less than spectacular in the Grizzlies series. 27 points but just 10 for 27 from the field last night,Russell Westbrook’s value to the Thunder has never been higher.

8. The play of J.R. Smith lately is starting to remind me of how it ended for Nick Swisher as a Yankee.Was very good in the regular season but struggled to find himself in the postseason. His contract situation this summer will be very interesting.How much are the Knicks willing to pay for a great scorer but a headache? Will a bad team overpay him and regret it right away? I think despite the recent stretch its best for both parties that he remains with the Knicks.He was signed as kind of bonus piece last season but has turned into one of the more important pieces.A lot will be determined by how he finishes this series

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