To Get The Best Players You Must Be A Final Four Team

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Sure, helping a top prospect get to the next level is very important in college basketball. But I believe being an annual final four contender is just as important.

Andrew Wiggins decided to go to Kansas because he believed that would help him get to the league, and he could compete for a national championship. Roy Williams admittedly doesn’t enjoy the one and dones as much as some other coaches, but he certainly coveted Wiggins.

I think Roy must prove that North Carolina can get back to the Final Four before he gets the very best high school players again. He’s an excellent recruiter, but he hasn’t made the final four in going on five seasons. To adults that seems like yesterday but these kids operate on what you’ve done today.

So Williams needs another final four appearance to land kids like Wiggins. Otherwise he’ll keep getting solid recruits, but just be in the running for the best.


20130514 185200 To Get The Best Players You Must Be A Final Four Team

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