Hitting To All Fields: Tiger Is Back In A Major Way, NBA Officiating Is A Joke, Fair Weather Miami Heat Fans

by Thee UNSILENT Majority Marc with a "C" James
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(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Tiger Woods captured his first Players Championship title since 2001. Epic tournament victory for him. Is a major next for “Le Tigre”?

It’s been 1,792 days since Tiger Woods last won a major championship (2008 U.S. Open), The Players Championship doesn’t end this streak.

Sergio Garcia showed his true colors with a quadruple bogey on 17. Hey Sergio, did Tiger distract you again when you put two in the water on 17 for a quadruple bogey?

Carolina Panther Fans: here’s an alarming statistic to keep you awake at night. The Panthers drafted 54 players from 2005-2011. Only 14 are left on the roster. Can you say pitiful talent evaluation? Thank you Marty Hurney.

Andrew Wiggins: The #1 High School Basketball Player in America will announce decision Tuesday. People are speculating Florida State or Kentucky, but watch out for “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” Kansas.

Miami Heat fans are FAKER than Manti Teo’s girlfriend, the Kardashian sisters, professional wrestling, reality TV, Bernie Madoff’s financial portfolio, Paris Hilton, Leon Sandcastle’s afro, Auburn’s 2010 BCS title, and O.J.’s innocence.

Miami Heat Fans Mission statement: “We’ve been here since LeBron’s decision in 2010.” Fraudulent, bandwagon-jumping, “FAIR WEATHER” wanna-bes!

Speaking of the NBA, the officiating has been downright horrendous throughout the playoffs including game 2 of the Bulls-Heat series. 9 technical fouls total by Scott Foster’s crew. People don’t pay thousands of dollars and millions of fans do not watch because of the referees.

Although it is inevitable the Bulls will lose the series, Tom Thibodeau and his squad have unequivocally proved to be the true definition of a TEAM.

Dear Maloofs: do the right thing and sell the team to Seattle hedge fund investors Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer. Bottom line, Sacramento: you’re NOT even in the same stratosphere as Seattle! The EMERALD CITY is one of the top basketball cities in the world!

Last, but definitely not least, I will be hosting on CBS Sports Radio Network this Saturday night May 18th from 6-10 P.M. Eastern/3-7 west coast time. Check me out. Until next time.

Thee UNSILENT Majority Marc with a “C” James

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