Poor Hitman…

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I love Hitman. He’s a kind hearted, hard working, extremely loyal person. But gracious, is he an easy target. Many people have walked through these offices, saying how we need to cut Tony some slack. Then, after a few days, ALL of them change their minds and start busting his chops.

Yes, he wears leather wristbands, has magnetic earrings, wears rings on his middle fingers, shops at Express, hula hoops with little children at Cam Newton’s foundation event, and goes to tanning beds. Yes, he’s listened to Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Kellie Pickler, and some cat named Mike Posner.

But what makes him an easy target is how he tries to deny it, or blame someone else. For example, the magnetic earrings: he claimed that a girl asked him to wear them. What? If someone asked me to wear anything magnetic on my body, since I’m over the age of 12, I would disrespectfully decline.

And karma has also caught up with Mr. Digiacomo too. In spring training of 2011, St. Louis pitcher Adam Wainright suffered a season ending injury. Tony, being a Chicago Cubs fan, responded by saying “HE GONE!!!” The man was injured for the season and Hitman cheered. The Cardinals went on to win the World Series in dramatic fashion.

Tony is an incredible guest booker, and someone I’m proud to work with. But I wrote this to explain that he brings the ball busting on himself. And he’ll listen, or wear, or do something else today to make it happen all over again.


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