I Didn’t Know That The QCB Played For Golden State, Oh My Bad…That’s Stephen Curry

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(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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Question: What’s the difference between the QCB and NBA player Stephen Curry? Answer: Not a damn thing. They both are the best at what they do, they both are extremely talented, they both excite people when they use their GOD giving talents. And if you disagree, than you’re a hating Goat Herder!

Question: Who do the Charlotteans love more, the QCB or NBA player Stephen Curry? Answer: The MF’n QC to the B! Hey, don’t get mad at me, these are just facts! In fact (see what I did there, lol.)

If the QCB and Stephen Curry were floating on a piece of wood in the Gulf of Mexico and a boat of Charlotteans came floating by and they had room for only one more…then Stephen Curry would become Tom Hanks in Castaway, either that or he would get harpooned by the Coast Guards!

Bottom line, Charlotte loves the QCB way more, way more and I mean way more, than Stephen Curry. Don’t get it twisted G, I’m rooting for Stephen Curry as well but they’re on 3 Kings in Charlotte, QCB’s one of’em…my light skin, pure shooting NBA homie isn’t. Hey, these are the facts, can you live with them? QCB can.

QCB, I’m out son…Nice

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