Jose Canseco…Go Away. Please.

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(Photo by Hiroki Watanabe/Getty Images

(Photo by Hiroki Watanabe/Getty Images

Early Sunday morning a simple but effective tweet from Jose Canseco to Shaquille O’Neal started what could end up being the most entertaining boxing match of the year. We’ll just say Jose called Shaq a little kitty cat…

And with that tweet…Shaq brought Jose Canseco from out of the depths and back in to our minds.  We all appreciate it Shaq.   I mean that as much as Jose Canseco did when he said he was writing a tell all book about steroid use for the, wait for it…….”Integrity” of baseball.

Canseco was quick to fire back with a tweet (actually several) of his own.  Try and read these at your own risk.

Jose Canseco v Choi Hong-man - Dream.9

So if you can make out what Jose Canseco is trying to say so far, give yourself a pat on the back first of all.  Then sit back and let it sink in that the same guy who couldn’t beat up Danny Bonaduce wants to fight Shaq.  Okay Jose.  Then Shaq gave us this gem…

3rd Annual Cartoon Network's "Hall Of Game" Awards - Arrivals

So now we’re getting somewhere…We might actually get to see Jose Canseco get his ass whooped by Shaquille O’Neal.

And there you have it, Shaq getting called out by Jose Canseco.  The ball is your court Shaq, just make sure you connect with the punch this time.  We all remember the whiff heard round the world when Shaq and Brad Miller got in a “fight”.  Although I wouldn’t mind seeing this boxing match just to see it, I am so sick of Jose Canseco.  Go away man and let Shaq Diesel kick your ass on the way out.

Mark Seidel


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