Family Fun For Rainy Days!

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(Photo by Amos Aikman/Getty Images)

(Photo by Amos Aikman/Getty Images)

Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day!

A rainy weekend can put a serious damper on extravagant outdoor activities — and if you have kids the possibility of sitting around the house all day with the little ones can be a bit tiresome for you and them.

So when battling the inevitability of Mother Nature it’s best to surrender and seek other alternatives.

If you find yourself stuck at home you can still have a blast!

Here are 10 fun options when you’re stuck indoors on rainy days.

1. Have a Dance Party! Shake the cabin fever with a few moves on the dance floor.

2. Build a Clubhouse. Transform living room furniture with bed sheets.

3. Arts and Crafts are a rainy day favorite. A pack of construction paper, glue, and scissors go a long way.

4. Read a Good Book Together. Reading an exciting story is the perfect way to explore distant lands — and you never have to worry about the weather spoiling your journey.

5. Have a Treasure Hunt. Write down clues for each child and see if they can use them to find a surprise!

6. Have a Game Marathon. Pull out your favorite board games and test your skill.

7. Get those creative juices flowing by Writing and Performing a Play? Use your imagination to create characters and a plot. When you’re done give a grand performance!

8. Write Letters to Loved Ones. Compose your own hand written letter to your favorite relatives.

9. Bake. Get the kids in the kitchen. Cookies are an easy snack time treat/ dessert than you can make and enjoy together.

10. Watch a Movie. Grab the popcorn and cuddle up on the couch for a flick!

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