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Bobcats Coaching Suggestions

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Here is my take on some of the names that are coming over and over regarding the next Head Coach of the Bobcats.We started out getting serious suggestions and as usual, things broke down to a pretty absurd level.
Phil Jackson: Will be tough but my idea is to allow him to coach road and games via Skype from his undisclosed mountain location. Colin suggests an IPAD be placed on a high chair and let him coach that way. In all seriousness, I see Phil heading to the Clippers or Thunder (if they have a bad playoff run)

Brian Shaw: His name pops up on a regular basis but the main question is always about him getting passed up numerous times. I like Brian Shaw but shouldn’t he have already been given a chance with how much turnover there is in coaching? Wouldn’t be a bad choice by any means but it remains kind of unknown about how good he can be as the main guy on a staff.

Mike Malone: One of the best assistant coaches in the game for the Warriors. A man who Steph Curry heavily relies on. Will get a opportunity probably this off-season but will he want to come here?  He will be sought after and may choose a team closer to contending.Considered with Budenholzer to be the best assistant coach in the NBA right now

Nate McMillian: There is talk that he didn’t want the job last year but this the name my mind keeps going back to. Not sure what happened in Portland but i think highly of him and I hope his recent Team USA stint with Coach K will help him grow as a coach. This would be my choice. Does he want it?  That is the big question but maybe his ties to NC State will play a role.

Doug Collins: While Doug Collins is a great name in basketball, this is not the right team for him. He did well in 2012 for the 76ers but the thing you kept hearing was the young players were tuning him out. Collins at this stage is best served to coach with Chris at Northwestern or return to his analyst work.

Mike Budenholzer: The right hand man for Pop in San Antonio but it seems like he is the coach that will take over when Pop stops down. Not ever sure its worth the effort to even go after him.

Byron Scott:  Let me make this simple. No.

Patrick Ewing: He is one of my favorite NBA players ever and is itching for a chance. I would like him here to work with Biz (and possibly Noel or Zeller) but I just don’t know how good of an NBA Head Coach he is going to be.If he ends up on a staff here I’m ok with that but not the main man running things right now.His demeanor though is the complete opposite of Dunlap and could be what they are looking for

As usual with my Twitter followers and Facebook friends, we took a wrong turn somewhere along the way. Here are actual suggestions yesterday that we discussed.

Anybody with the last name Van Gundy. Doesn’t even have to be Jeff or Stan. Your name could be Sally Van Gundy and we would consider it right now

Muggsy Bogues and Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo: The idea would be for Muggsy to coach games while sitting on Dikembe’s shoulders. Again, these are the people I deal with on a daily basis.

Lou Carneseca: He is 87 but a young 87 and he is part of the St Johns coaching tree we like. He also has amazing sweaters and that might draw fans to the arena

Whoopi Goldberg: She got the most out of her players in the movie “Eddie” but seems content on The View right now

Nick Nolte:  Was a tremendous coach but ran a questionable program as Head Coach Pete Bell in the hit movie “Blue Chips”

Gene Hackman:  What better man then the guy responsible for turning around Hickory High in “Hoosiers”? The one problem with him now is that Shooter is no longer alive to help him and Hackman likes football now as we saw in the Replacements.

Samuel L Jackson:  Was great as “Coach Carter” but his language and behavior with the media could be an issue if he goes all Snakes on a plane on us.

Dick Butkus: Was tough but loved by his player as Mike Katowinski on Hang Time in the mid 90s. He could also double as a Panthers linebacker coach.

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