The Revis Effect On The Panthers

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Here is to hoping that this week is much for better our nation than the previous one. If your wondering how my weekend went (which you aren’t) it wasn’t spectacular either. I ended up using the dog shampoo’s by mistake and that is all you need to know. Here are my thoughts on the Revis deal and its impact since I root for the Panthers and Jets

Revis To The Bucs: I will look at this in two ways.First from the Panthers point of view.You would think this would change the Panthers draft plans if they were not thinking about Tavon Austin or another WRalready.Adding a dynamic play maker to play across from Smitty (and all over the field) is almost a must now. While the Revis trade will effect all teams in the division, the Falcons have 2 Pro Bowl type WR’s and the Saints spread the ball around so much it might not have as big an impact on them as it will the Panthers.The issue with Austin now though is I don’t think he will get past the Jets considering they have 2 picks before the Panthers.The Bucs pass rush is the weak part of their defense but it will certainly get better with Revis taking teams best play maker away.As Jim pointed out today, Revis has shutdown the best WRs in the league but is part of that because QBs choose not to attack him at all? Coming off the injury teams may try to test him out early and see if he is the same great player he was prior to the injury.A quick glance at the Bucs depth chart and all the pieces are in place for a Super Bowl run. Can Josh Freeman have a Joe Flacco type contract year? It all depends on him and his ability to be consistent.The good news for the Panthers is they also play 4 games against division rivals and that may actually help the Panthers at some point.

Now I will look at the Revis trade from a Jets standpoint.This was the best move for the franchise going forward.They did not need to spend most of their cap money on a shutdown corner while rebuilding and not shutting anyone else down on the other team.We know the Jets are a mess of a franchise and always will be but I have no problem with making a trade and having 2 1st round picks.I have a bigger issue with their current QB situation and the fact that Sanchez and Tebow are still on the roster.We have seen teams improve in the past when trading star players.It may take time but we could look back at this trade for the Jets and call it a turning point for the franchise. Ah who am I kidding.As Jets fans we will look back at this as the point we moved to even harder liquor during games.

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