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by Mark Yarbro
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We all have pet peeves.

Whether it is slow drivers, loud talking at the movies, etc.  I know that I have too many to list during this blog, but last weekend perhaps my biggest pet peeve when it comes to sports reared it’s ugly head again.

Sometime late last Friday afternoon, Tiger Woods had the misfortune of putting a ball in the water on the 15th hole at Augusta.  He then proceeded to take a drop near the original shot in the fairway.  It was then soon after that a Joey Bag of Donuts placed a call to the Augusta National Golf Club informing officials that Woods’ drop should be looked at a second time.  So once again, the PGA at home rules police had their say, Tiger was given a 2 stroke penalty and controversy ensued.

How golf continues to alow this to happen is beyond me.

In no other sport are fans sitting at home with chip crumbs all over them allowed to have a say in how the rules are enforced.  I only wish that had this power when it came to other sports, believe me I could have made a career of calling in with injustices to my teams thru the years.

Golf needs to stops this madness to at the very least the next time the Donuts hotline rings, ignore it. let it go to voice mail, and the delete it.  There is a life out there, some need to go out and get one.

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