Mt. Rushmore Of Sports Broadcasters

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(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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After taking calls and receiving emails from the listeners and some careful deliberation, I have finally narrowed it down to my Fab Four.  These are the best Sports Broadcasters of my lifetime as a sports fan.

Pat Summerall- The late great Summerall is THE voice of NFL Football in my lifetime.  Whether it was with Tom Brookshire or John Madden, his work on the NFL was amazing.  His voice made a game feel big.  His work on Golf and Tennis was splendid as well.

John Madden- The best color commentator in any sport, in my lifetime.  He could explain football concepts in the language of the average Joe.  The “booms,” the telestrator, the Turducken and the video game were all part of the charm of John Madden.

Howard Cosell- This guy brought sports opinions to the TV. Nowadays the opinionated and bombastic guys are all over the tube. Back then it was rare. He was a pioneer. His Monday Night Football broadcasts were legendary and his relationship with Ali did so much for the sport of boxing. A true legend.

Keith Jackson- Woooooh Nellie!!! Can’t do a list of my favorites without Keith Jackson. The man’s voice was the soundtrack of college football for so much of my life.  His twangy voice combined with college bands and insane crowds to make a big college game magical on TV. He also did great work with Baseball and NASCAR as well.

Coming tomorrow: The Mt. Rushmore of Annoying Sports Broadcasters. Or as a brilliant listener dubbed it, Mt. Hush More.

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