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Meet The QC: Scott Jensen Shares Insight On Social Media

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(Photo credit: Amy Lambert)

(Photo credit: Amy Lambert)

(CBS Charlotte) — Have you ever thought about whether you’re wasting your time on social networking sites? Or, are you gaining value? We spoke with Scott Jensen last week, who is a local Social Media Consultant in the Queen City. In this interview, Scott shares insight about how you can maximize your social media efforts.

Jensen’s Bio: Originally from Upstate New York, Scott moved to Charlotte in 2007 to earn his MBA in Real Estate and Marketing for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After graduating, he achieved the position of National Online Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Brentwood Homes. He later branched out as a licensed North Carolina Realtor and Broker in Charge where he significantly honed his online marketing skills — finding the majority of his clients through social media and search engine marketing. In addition to his brokerage company, he is now also a Social Media Consultant for small and medium businesses around the country.


Q. Do you think it’s easy for people to develop a social media addiction?

A. I really think it is for two major reasons, first, we all love to talk and share our ideas, and second, we love to be the first (or think we’re the first) to find out new information. The addiction is heightened when people interact with our posts on social media, as it makes us believe we are being listened to and cared about more than might be true in an off-line setting.

Q. What advice would you give to people to help them use their time on social networking sites wisely?

A. The best advice I could give to all social media users is to try to be intentional. Whether you are using social networking for business, entertainment, problem solving, or social interaction –  be sure you know, at least to some degree, what the purpose is about, and how much time you should be spending doing it.

Q. How do you use social media?

A. I use social media to stay up to date with friends, share thoughts and ideas, and network for business connections and new clients.

Q. What social media mistakes does the typical small business make?

A. The biggest mistake I see is when businesses post too many generic ads. Companies must take the time to invest in their network and show their clients they have a personality in addition to what they have to sell.

Q. What is your definition of a social media crisis, and how would you advise a company or individual rectify the crisis?

A. For most companies of less than 1,000 connections, the typical idea of a crisis is extremely rare, but for larger networks, especially over 10,000, the biggest risk is being hacked. The most important way to avoid this potential risk for both businesses and individuals is to change passwords often and be very cautions of any new apps or websites that you allow to access your accounts.

-Nichole Jaworski, CBS Charlotte

(Meet the QC is a column dedicated to highlighting the individuals who work or reside in the Queen City.)

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