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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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Well, another week of playing couch potato is coming to an end. As it does, just a few thoughts that crossed my mind while going thru another bag of Tostitos.

Can we please make an effort NCAA to maybe just maybe try to start future Men’s Basketball Championship games before the local news starts comes on the air. The Michigan/Louisville game finally tipped at around 9:30pm after what seemed like an endless build up that could have easily been done an hour earlier. Here’s an idea NCAA, try a 8:30pm tip, that way everything is basically wrapped up by 11pm or a little later. I know, the coveted folks on the west coast might be left out a little bit but guess what, too bad.

Isn’t is time for the good folks at the Masters to allow CBS golf analyst Gary McCord to come back to Augusta as part of the CBS golf crew. McCord was basically banished from the property back in 1994 when he uttered his famous “greens so fast they could have been bikini waxed” line. McCord has not been allowed to broadcast at Augusta since. Guys, it has been 19 years, let it go.

Why do guys in the bullpen run in when a brawl breaks out in baseball? By the time they get to the scene, it’s usually all over anyway. And by the way, who let’s them know that a fight is ongoing to start with? I didn’t think those guys even watched the game.

Just some things to ponder, maybe I have too much time on my hands.


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