Wrestlemania, Duke Notes, And The Fab 5 Missing A Man

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Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I spent many hours in tears.Not from the Yankees this time but the amazing act of kindness from Nebraska Football to the young 7 year old battling brain cancer.Well done Nebraska. You have restored my faith in humanity and in the sports world.We need more stories like that. I like Louisville to beat Michigan tonight 77-71. I will be pulling for the Wolverines though.Here is a couple quick thoughts.

Chris Webber:Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons of ESPN/Grantland did an emergency podcast yesterday afternoon where Jalen Rose begged for Chris Webber to reunite with the Fab 5 and the Michigan family.Rose says there is a communication breakdown with Webber and the other 4 guys that all stems from the timeout against UNC 20 years ago.They all love each other like brothers but Webber runs as far away from that moment as possible.As a kid that grew up loving the Fab 5, there is no better time for Webber to put the past to rest than tonight.Webber lives in Atlanta and should be in the area during the game.Love them or hate them (and many did) but the Fab 5 changed the culture of basketball forever when they arrived in 1991.Few teams in history past or present played with the swagger they had. Anybody around the age of 30 that claims they didn’t hit the playground with baggy shorts and black socks in the early 90s is lying to you.The child in me wants to see all 5 guys together celebrating a championship tonight they almost had 20 years ago.The wrestling fan in me wants the lights to go out in the middle of game and Chris Webber to all of a sudden appear on the court like Sting did many times in WCW in the lates 90s.I have a feeling neither one will happen.

Wrestlemania Report: Last night was Wrestlemania 29 from Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. Not a bad show but certainly not one of the better events in recent memory.The show opened with the Big Show turning heel (for the 250th time) on Sheamus and Randy Orton in their match against The Shield. Mark Henry defeated Ryback, Team Hell No beat Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston to retain the tag titles. In an upset Fandango upset Chris Jericho to win his Wrestlemania debut. Alberto Del Rio retained his World Heavyweight Championship with a win over Jack Swagger.The Undertaker in the match of the night went 21-0 in WM matches by outlasting CM Punk.Triple H kept his career alive by beating Brock Lesnar in a brutally intense match. In the main event, John Cena got revenge for his WM loss last year against the Rock and regained the WWE Championship. They embraced on the ramp after the match and held their hands high in the air. Not a ton of noteworthy stuff went on but one thing that could be discussed today is the Undertaker looking like he was was about to cry after his victory.One has to wonder if this was it for Taker or if he will give it one more go at WM 30 in New Orleans.Speculation is that Taker wants one last match against Brock Lesnar.Not the most memorable of nights but its going to be interesting to see where the WWE goes from here.Every heel of note pretty much took an L last night. Does John Cena feud with The Shield? Does Dolph Ziggler finally cash in his briefcase? What is next for Jack Swagger and CM Punk? Should be an interesting RAW tonight.

Big Man For Duke:As we noted in this spot a week ago, Duke needs to add a  5th year transfer to the roster so they don’t have to depend on Marshall Plumlee as their sole big man next season. While reading the Duke Scout message board this weekend a name popped up that the Devils need to look at it.Tarik Black graduated from Memphis and would be a welcome body to the front court. He played only 20 minutes a game this past season and averaged 8 points/4 rebs. A player putting up numbers is not the need but a guy that can provided minutes, fouls, and intangibles. Talib Zanna from Pittsburgh is another player to keep an eye on.I would be shocked and upset if we don’t add somebody.

Mac Attack Guests: Dan Bonner of CBS/Raycom 845am, former Fab 5 member Jimmy King at 910am, and UNC DT Sylvester Williams shares his amazing journey to the NFL at 930

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