First Sergeant Jeff Gordon Explains Texting & Driving Laws In NC

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As of 2010, it is illegal to text and drive while driving a vehicle in North Carolina.  While many people aren’t abiding by these rules, First Sergeant Jeff Gordon of the State Highway Patrol reveals that it is possible for cops to know when people are texting, even if they try to hide it.

What people may not know is that it’s not illegal to talk on your phone while driving.  Whether you are using hands free or not, the actual phone use of your cell phone is completely in the lines of state laws.  What becomes a bother is when people answer text messages, browse the net or even play games while driving.

Sgt. Gordon admits it’s easy to tell when someone is texting and driving because drivers aren’t aware of the movements in their car.  The cars will begin to shift one way or another in the lane and cops can see drivers looking down towards their middle console.

Get more info on the NC texting and driving laws below from Sgt. Jeff Gordon.

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