NC State Asst Bobby Lutz: “You Either Have That Fire Or You Dont And We Need To Recruit Those Type Of Players That Have It”

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(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

The Drive Wednesday 4-3-13 -Bobby Lutz talks with Taylor and Marc about the crazy story out of Rutgers of head coach Mike Price berating his players, what the Wolf Pack plans to do to replace the players they are losing to the draft, and we get his thoughts on why the Wolf Pack made a first round exit in the tournament this year.

Bobby Lutz has been in college coaching for 30 years so we start by asking Bobby if he has ever seen or heard of anything like what has happened at Rutgers with Mike Rice.

“There are coaches that the language goes back and forth and that’s common…but not to this extent.”

“I think as a coach you have to evolve, my dad told me stories that his coaches would literally line them up across the baseline and kick them in the butt, but things change and coaches have to change”

NC State didn’t get past the first round of the NCAA Tournament this year after having very high expectations in the pre-season and throughout ACC play.  So we get his thoughts on what went wrong with the Wolf Pack this year.

“Its hard to build a program in one year.  You look at the great programs and most of them didn’t happen overnight.  When we got here they hadn’t been to the tournament since ’05.  So I think the hype was a little to high”

“Lastly I would say that we didn’t guard the way you have to guard to be a great team at the highest level you have to defend in basketball and we weren’t consistently good defensively and that what we have to get better at.”

Finally we close with the coach about his future at NC State and if he’ll be a head coach again.

“Everyone knows I want one more chance but if I don’t get it I’ll keep doing the best I can here in Raleigh”







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