Tim Donaghy On Ed Rush: “He Was Referred To As Archie Bunker, Because He Always Had A Problem With Blacks And He Didn’t Like Gays.”

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Bustin’ Loose: 4-2-13 Tim Donaghy: The Former NBA Referee, who is no stranger to controversy, stopped by to talk to the guys about the scandal that is taking place in the PAC 12 surrounding Head Official, Ed Rush, and his comments about the technical he assessed Men’s Head Basketball Coach Sean Miller earlier this year.

We opened the conversation by getting Donaghy’s thoughts on Ed Rush’s comments and how surprised, or not surprised, he was by them.

“The bottom line is I wasn’t surprised, because he used to make the same comments to us, as a staff,  in regards to Mark Cuban because he had a personality conflict with Cuban and he didn’t like him… and he had a lot of problems with a lot of people, so it’s not surprising at all.”

He also had some very strong on opinions on what should happen to Ed Rush in light of these recent allegations.

“I think Ed Rush should certainly be relieved of his duties. He has a track record here of using the officials in a way to take care of his conflicts with other people when they don’t fall in line with his B.S. He’s basically just a phony.”

There were also some interesting comments regarding Rush’s previous tenure in the NBA as an official and the reputation he garnered there.

“A lot of referees when I was in the NBA referred to him as Archie Bunker, because he always had a problem with blacks and said he didn’t like gays.”

Given the speculation regarding the reputation of Ed Rush and other officials, is there any way that the integrity of the game can still be protected?

“When you’re an official, you always want to the best job you can. And if you’re held a little more accountable in the public eye a little more often, I think you’re going to put a little more effort in getting the right call, rather than letting your personal relationships get involved in it.”

If you would like to find out more about Tim Donaghy’s book, you can check it out here.  You can also visit his website or follow him on Twitter @Tim_Donaghy

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