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Atlanta Plus The QCB Equals…Niiiiiice

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     “Finally, the QCB comes back to AT-Lan-Ta!” Okay, I stole that from the Rock but it’s true, the QCB will be making the trip back to the A. Yes I am a black man who lives in Charlotte, NC and this will be my second trip to Atlanta.

     Their’s no excuse. sure I could lie and say…”I’ve been to Atlanta plenty of times” but lying would put me in the same class as a fellow CBS employee who full name rhymes with “Boney Fu-Lock-Uh-No”.

     And trust me, I’m not staying in the Flamingo, I don’t give a Rupaul if my options are stay in the Flamingo or sleep outside the Varsity in the parking lot w/a cassette player and inside the cassette player was “It’s Raining Men”…I’d rather do that, then stay in the Flamingo…

     I still to this day, this moment can’t belive I’m in the same building w/a man who layed his head on a pillow inside something called the Flamingo…Sad man sad.

QCB, I’m Nice son.

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