Exits At NC State And Two Girls Make Out At Cubs Game

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We are back to our normal blog schedule here on the Mac Attack.It was hard to blog while Colin was in Las Vegas filming scenes for The Hangover 3.The rumors were false and he did not return with the Jayhawk logo tattooed on his face.Please excuse any typos today, I’m typing as fast as I can before anyone else from NC State leaves the program.

NC State Exits :A mass exodous could be on the horizon for NC State. It sounds crazy but Mark Gottfried (if he stays) might have to rebuild a program he just rebuilt within the last year.According to both Lorenzo Brown and C.J. Leslie will enter the NBA Draft.I’m not shocked by either declaring but what is shocking is how quick the decision was made considering  neither guy is projected right now as a lottery pick. I do think Brown has a bright future but usually guys go through the weighing options process and take their time.State already loses Richard Howell and Scott Wood to graduation, there are hints of a possible Rodney Purvis transfer, UCLA might be going after Mark Gottfried, and you have to wonder what the future is for T.J. Warren if the majority of the roster and his coach are gone.Gottfried does have some great talent coming in but State fans can’t expect results right away when you consider how many times Howell and Wood bailed them out late in games.This is NC State we are talking about though, maybe lower expectations next season is just what this team needs.

Cubs Make out Session:Well this isn’t something you see everyday.During the Cubs-Indians spring training game the other day the camera panned to two chicks making out in the crowd. Our friends at have the video up. A few  things here I need to ask. Are the female Cubs fans now getting to second base more than the Cubs players? How would Harry Caray have reacted to this? How high are the ratings going to be on WGN this season if these chicks make a return? Never thought I would say it but I can’t wait to watch the Cubs this season.

Mac Attack Guests: Mike Florio 805am, Chris Spatola from CBS Sports at 845am, and UNC Head Coac Larry Fedora at 930am.

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