Better Than A Break Room: Nap Rooms Are Becoming Increasingly Popular At The Office

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(credit: Thinkstock)

(credit: Thinkstock)

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(CBS Charlotte) — Lack of sleep can affect a person’s overall-health and their ability to function properly. Many working professionals in the United States are over-worked and under-rested. Over time, this can lead to a decline in their productivity. Luckily, some working professionals can catch up on sleep — at the office.

Nap rooms are becoming increasingly popular throughout companies across the country. In years past, napping was viewed as a sign of laziness. However, recent studies indicate that napping at work increases productivity. An afternoon nap can help to restore mental alertness, in addition to reducing the risk of making errors while at work.

Companies such as the Huffington Post, Nike, and Google have all adopted nap rooms in the workplace. Employees are encouraged to rest at work between 20 to 30 minutes each day.

In today’s fast-paced world, napping while on the job is quite plausibly the best way to become more productive at work. A power nap at work can also restore energy levels and improve your mood.

-Nichole Jaworski, CBS Charlotte

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