My Entire 2013 NCAA Bracket

By: Bruce Wilson
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2013 NCAA Bracket

Just like last year I am releasing my entire bracket and picks before the tournament starts for everyone to see how well (or bad) I do.
However unlike last year I think my Final Four teams will do better. If I recall correctly in the “second round” I lost Duke (who I had going to the regional final), Missouri (who I had in the Final Four), and Michigan (who I also had in the Final Four). Needless to say my bracket was ‘busted’ on day 2.
Last year I questioned the seeding with Michigan State, Missouri, and Murray State. This year I question the seeding with Gonzaga, Miami, and North Carolina. First I think Miami should haven been a #1 and not Gonzaga. Secondly I think going into the ACC tournament UNC was close to a 7 seed and their performance in the tournament should have locked that in or maybe moved them to a 6 seed. Putting them at an 8 seed with a harder match up against Villanova and a potential third round match up against Kansas is not fair. And this means a lot coming from a Duke fan. Speaking of Villanova, they were questionable to get in, but I like their pick more than I like the selection committee’s picks of Boise State and Minnesota. I think Southern Miss should have easily made the field and I think it is a joke they are not in. Of course there is some schmuck in a nice suit getting six figures to make that decision, not me.
As for my bracket, which you see in the picture, my largest upset is Ole Miss over Wisconsin and then following it up with an upset over Kansas State. I also like Belmont over Arizona. I don’t have any #1 seeds losing until the regional finals… when they ALL lose.
So enjoy my picks and all of the games. They begin today at 12:15pm eastern time and end on April 8th when we crown a new national champion (since Kentucky was nice enough to get hammered by Vanderbilt sending themselves to the NIT where they lost to a tobacco company).

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