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10 Family Friendly Ideas For Spring!

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(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Today is the first day of spring — my absolute favorite time of the year!

Color invades the landscape, birds return to serenade us with sweet song, and sunny days warm hands and hearts.

So as we officially banish the cold of winter here are a few family friendly ideas to help celebrate the birth of spring!

1. Plant a garden. Imagine the excitement once your produce of choice begins to grow! Fresh fruit, beautiful vegetables, or beautiful flowers; it’s your choice. Either way this is an adventure that the entire family will enjoy.

2. Indulge in arts and crafts. Yeah, you can craft year-round, but there’s something about the spring that makes it almost a necessity. Many craft stores have weekly specials and are the perfect place to find fun projects.

3. Go camping. The sound of these two words together may make some city-slickers cringe, but the kids will love it. Head to a campsite or to your backyard.

4. Go for a walk. It beats sitting on the couch watching TV and it’s so refreshing; a small form of accomplishment according to Jane Austen. Grab the family and head for a spin around the neighborhood on ole Pat and Charlie.

5. Eat outside! Whether you’re heading to your family’s favorite bistro or out for a sweet treat, enjoy your fare in the sun.

6. Visit your local farmer’s market. Going to a farmer’s market is both fun and educational for the whole family. Don’t miss opportunities to teach the kids the importance of buying locally, eating smart, and exploring their world.

7. Take pictures! Time flies and there is no easier way to capture the moment than with a camera. You don’t have to get fancy — your phone will do.

8. Create your own springtime treats. Everyone loves a sweet treat. Abandon the heavy desserts for a lighter replacement. Have the kids help you create fruit and whipped cream parfaits, ice pops, or Jell-o. You’ll have just as much fun preparing your dessert as you will eating it!

9. Plan a cookout with friends. Everyone comes out of hibernation when warm weather arrives. Reconnect with your family and friends by planning a cookout. Good food and company — who could ask for more!

10. Head to the park. Charlotte and the surrounding areas have many great parks with tons of things to do. Visit the playground, get lost in a game of horse shoes, or find yourself on a winding trail. The fun never ends!

-Jennifer Hall, CBS Local

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