The Best Of Friends: Gay Men And Straight Women

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(CBS Charlotte) — We’ve all witnessed or heard at some point or another that gay men and straight women are the best of friends.

Often times, a significant percentage of a gay man’s friends are straight women, and most straight women have at least one good friend that is a gay man.

What’s behind the close bond that gay men and straight women share?

Why do straight women have a strong bond with gay men?

-Straight women generally feel safe with gay men because a gay man doesn’t usually have ulterior motives.

-For the most part, straight women trust the advice given to them from their male gay friends — much more so than advice from straight male/straight female friends.

-Unlike a straight woman’s girlfriends, a male gay friend will not try to steal a straight woman’s boyfriend from her.

-A straight woman appreciates the advice given to her by her male gay friend.

-Typically, a male gay friend has great taste and is a great person to go shopping with.

-Unlike a straight woman’s boyfriend, a male gay friend will tell her honestly if she “looks too fat in her jeans.”

Why do gay men have a strong bond with straight women?
-Most gay men love to gossip, and straight women love to gossip as well.

-Many gay men are more in touch with their emotional side than straight men, and the emotional gay man loves to share his emotions with his straight women friends.

-A lot of gay men have great fashion sense and love to shop. A lot of straight women also love to shop.

-Many gay men love platonic physical affection. A straight female also loves to cuddle without worrying about the affection leading to more.

-A gay man appreciates the emotional security a straight female friend can provide — especially during difficult moments.

-Most gay men trust the relationship advice given to them by their straight female friends more than relationship advice given to them from other gay friends.

What is also interesting about gay males and straight females is that they both have similarly shaped brains. In 2008, the National Academy of Sciences released a study that indicated that gay men and straight women both have symmetrical brains. Additionally, the same study showed that the right side of the brain was a bit larger in lesbians and straight men. Quite plausibly, gay men and straight women are like-minded and may have similar viewpoints. The same goes for lesbians and straight men.

-Nichole Jaworski, CBS Charlotte

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