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Bobcats Need Change,White Raven Soars,And Rodman Saves The World

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tbone T-Bone
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Hope everyone enjoyed the fantastic weekend of hoops.I’m on serious cold medication and I feel more out of it than Gary Busey on the Celebrity Apprentice.Please excuse any typos today as my eyes are still filled with tears from watching my twin brother Ryan Kelly become a legend Saturday night

Bobcats Name Change: It is well known that I haven’t really been an advocate for the Bobcats to become the Hornets but after this weekend I say go for it as soon as possible.The Bobcats have lost their last 3 games by a combined 88 points and may have reached a new low for the franchise on this road trip.Even bad teams in the NBA don’t lose by 20 or 30 this many times.You will see teams hang around for 3 quarters and lose at the end.Not this team.They are down 20 points before Steve Martin is done giving us the starting lineups and inactives for the night.After this disaster of a weekend this franchise needs to do something positive for the fans in the worst way, what else would work? The answer is nothing.I worry that at this point if they don’t make a change they will lose the fans that are still supporting this team game in and game out.Will a change mean different outcomes? Of course not. Will a change give the fans some sort of hope going forward? Absolutely.

White Raven Returns:What a performance by Ryan Kelly in Durham on Saturday in his return from injury.At about 3pm we weren’t even sure he would see the court and when the game ended Dick Vitale was tweeting that it the best game he has seen from a player in his 34 years of broadcasting.Vitale might be getting a little carried away but you saw the difference Kelly makes in terms of floor spacing for the Duke offense.Duke remains unbeaten with Kelly in the lineup and has as good of a chance as any team to make a run at the National Championship.The one red flag for me was how easy Miami penetrated the paint and got easy buckets in the 1st half.There was more penetration than (Editors note: Good try T-Bone, that joke won’t fly here). Another issue is that Duke needed all 36 from Kelly to get the win.Duke can’t rely on him getting that every night and the Devils need more of a balance to become National Champions in April.

Dennis Rodman Ambassador:I thought for a brief period of time that my cold medication was playing tricks on me but I guess that was not the case.Dennis Rodman and North Korea Dictator Kim Jong-un became close friends on his recent visit to the country.He explained how it all went down to George Stephanopoulos of ABC during an interview yesterday.Rodman mentioned that are they now friends for life and he told Stephanopoulo all Jong-un wants is a phone call from President Obama to help ease the rising tensions.Let all that soak in for a second.Dennis Rodman,one of the craziest athletes we have ever seen, is now involved in the efforts to save the free world.This is the same man who once kicked a cameraman in the groin, donned a wedding dress for a photo shoot, and joined the NWO in WCW in the late 90′s.The Bad Boy Pistons, the NWO, and now North Korea. Dennis is building up quite a resume of hateable groups he aligns with.My suggestion is that next time we send over the Harlem Globetrotters instead of Rodman. Oh how quicky we forget, they were with Rodman on his trip. You just can’t make this stuff up.

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