Don’t Stop Court Storming, Slow It

By Colin Hoggard
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Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

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Another court storming, another frustrated coach. Another discussion that inevitably devolves into one side lamenting  hypothetical safety while the other decries curmudgeons trying to kill off fun. Both UNC and Duke fans have fallen in line when their coach publicly came out against the practice, but have also been eager to jump to the other side of the argument when it’s time to rip the opposing coach. Both Coach K and Roy have presided over court storms on their home court and neither used those opportunities to chastise the practice.

Whether fueled by frustration or legitimate concern, coaches that call for changes to the practice are correct. In light of the Malice at the Palace and the LeGarrette Blount incidents,  the practice should’ve been altered long ago. The idea that the sound of the horn causes the crowd to be overcome with emotion to the point they must hurl themselves on the playing surface is laughable. Often the lead-up consists of students making their way strategically around the court in an orderly fashion, not the actions of possessed young men and women.

The allure of rushing the court/field should not be an opportunity to confront an opposing player or coach. Nor should it be to endanger the safety of anyone. On-court celebrations should solely be a show of adulation and appreciation for the home team. Storming should be allowed to continue, but they should not start until after the upset team has left the court. Would the on-court celebration not be as sweet if fans waited 60 seconds before rushing the floor? Storming the court is something every college student should get to experience at least once, but it shouldn’t be at the potential cost of safety or another ugly incident between fans and opposing players or coaches.

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