Steph Goes For 54, Ryan Kelly Practices, And An Epic Announcer Fail

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Man what a crazy night of hoops we saw last night.Not only does Steph Curry go ham on the Knicks for 54 but Tyson Chandler had a 28 rebound game, Kevin Durant got himself a triple double, and Monta Ellis hit a game winner at the buzzer.That is just in the NBA. Never mind the fact that my Huskies lost a double OT thriller to Georgetown and Michigan fell to a Penn State squad that seemingly hasn’t won a Big Ten game since the Crispin Brothers were strolling around Happy Valley.

Steph Goes Off: You know you had a sizzling night when you get added to a list that includes Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, and Richard Hamilton.Ok we are still investigating how exactly Hamilton got on there.That is the list of men who have dropped 50 or more on the Knicks at MSG.Curry was 18 for 28 from the field for 54 points including 11 for 13 from 3 and 23 in the 2nd quarter alone.Its been quite a two game stretch for Curry as he has dropped 92 total points, did the Mark Jackson shimmy shake at the place Jackson made it famous, and was nearly thrown into the 8th row by Roy Hibbert.Having heaped all that praise on Steph, the Warriors did lose 109-105. Tyson’s Chandler 28 rebounds and Carmelo’s 35 points were the main reason.Melo can’t take kindly to watching Steph do what he did last night in his house.The Knicks play the Wizards next and the over/under for Melo shots is set at 108.

Ryan Kelly Practices: For the first time since hurting his foot January 8th against Clemson, Ryan Kelly returned to the practice court.According to our friend Jeff Goodman of CBS,it appears likely we will see Kelly return to game action on Senior Night March 5th against Virginia Tech.There is some speculation he could sneak on the court against Miami Saturday but I prefer to give him just a little more time.

Click here for the Jeff Goodman article about Ryan Kelly

Epic Announcer Fail: Outside of the Steph Curry performance this was the highlight of the night for me.Wizards announcer Steve Buckhantz screams out DAGGER when he thinks the Wizards beat the Pistons at the buzzer. Awkwardness ensues when he finally realizes 30 seconds later that the shot didn’t exactly go in the basket.

Mac Attack Guests: UVA Head Coach Tony Bennett at 745am,Mike Florio from NBC/PFT at 805am, and former Heels star Gio Bernad at 845


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