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Let ‘Em Rip: Study Finds Passengers Passing Gas Mid-Flight Healthy

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(credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

(credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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CHARLOTTE (CBS Charlotte) — Hopefully the TSA will now allow passengers to bring gas masks on board flights.

A new study finds that breaking wind while one is flying is healthy and recommended.

AFP reports that Danish gastroenterologist Jacob Rosenberg got the idea for the study after dealing with flatulence from several passengers during a flight from Copenhagen to Tokyo.

“(Holding back) holds significant drawbacks for the individual, such as discomfort and even pain, bloating, dyspepsia (indigestion), pyrosis (heartburn) just to name but a few resulting abdominal symptoms,” the study stated.

Despite giving the all-clear for passengers to “just let it go,” researchers warned that pilots shouldn’t let one rip while in the cockpit.

“On the one hand, if the pilot restrains a fart, all the drawbacks previously mentioned, including impaired concentration, may affect his abilities to control the plane,” researchers said in the study, according to AFP. “On the other hand, if he lets go of the fart, his co-pilot may be affected by its odor, which again reduces safety onboard the flight.”

The study suggests that to deal with the smell of a passenger passing gas mid-flight, airlines should use charcoal to deal with the air up there.

“We humbly propose that active charcoal should be embedded in the seat cushion, since this material is able to neutralize the odor,” researchers stated.

The study also found that the average person passes gas up to 10 times a day and that a woman’s fart smells worse than a man’s.

The study was published in the New Zealand Medical Journal last Friday.

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