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Mike Florio: “There Was No Market For Dave Gettleman Except The Panthers”

Mac Attack
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(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

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Mac Attack 02/06/13:  Mike Florio from NBC and Profootballtalk.com joined the guys as he does each Wednesday to recap Super Bowl 47 and for a look ahead at the off season.

One of the major story lines that emerged from Super Bowl XLVII was the 34-minute blackout that occurred. Roger Goodell was recently quoted as saying this would not effect the Superdome’s ability to host the event in the future. So Florio told us whether or not he actually believed the Commissioner.

“I absolutely believe him… Because the last thing the NFL is going to do is exclude potential Super Bowl host cities. The NFL has finally realized after 40+ years that there’s great value in including cities, even cities that don’t have dome stadiums  in northern climates. We have New York in the mix now and already the people in New York that are putting on Super Bowl XLVIII are saying we plan to have another one. Denver wants to get in on this. Chicago wants to host a Super Bowl. Washington’s been talking about from time to time. The more cities, the more potential bids, the more bids, the better the bids, the better the bids, the more money the NFL can make.”

He then explained to angry Carolina fans what he meant by describing in one of his recent articles the Panthers’ hiring of new General Manager, Dave Gettleman, as a “dog and pony show.”

“The minute that Ernie Accorsi was hired to be the consultant, someone that I know very well told me he’s hiring Dave Gettleman. It’s his buddy. It’s his colleague. And that’s fine. But look at the NFL as a bigger picture… It’s friends, or relatives, or relatives of friends (that get hired). That’s how it works. So when you hire Accorsi, or anyone else, what you are hiring, and what you are going to receive as your recommendation, is the guy he would hire if he was the owner. So Accorsi believes Gettleman’s the best guy out there. Now, none of the other owners believed that Gettleman was even good enough to have an interview. That doesn’t meant they’re right; doesn’t mean they’re wrong. But I believe, based on what I know and what I understand, Gettleman was the guy from day one.”

Then he weighed in on the Joe Flacco debate and all the talk focused in on where he now ranks amongst his NFL quarterbacks counterparts.

“None of it matters. Here’s the accurate non-pom pom analysis: He’s gotten the Ravens over a barrel. And the Ravens put themselves in that postion by not buying low. Now they’re going to have to buy high… Now here’s the problem, if you use the non-exclusive franchise tag on Joe Flacco for $14.6M, you gotta worry. You gotta worry about a guy like Joe Banner, the new Browns CEO, concocting an offer sheet that you either can’t, or won’t be able, or won’t be willing to match… Joe Flacco now has to be tendered at the exclusive franchise level, because otherwise he’s exposed to the Browns, or Chiefs, or anyone that wants to try to take the Super Bowl MVP away from the Baltimore Ravens. The exclusive franchise level is more than $20M next year. So that’s the starting point. And the dilemma for Joe Flacco, and his agent doesn’t seem to be bothered by this, is how much do I take before I hurt the ability of the franchise to put enough guys around me to continue to compete for championships. That’s the challenge for Joe Flacco.”

You can catch Mike Florio’s work on ProFootballTalk and see him on the NBC Sports Network.


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