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You Can Do It! The Water Boy Rob Schneider Is Visiting Charlotte&The Mac Attack

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Charlotte The Mac Attack- Edited The Mac Attack 6AM-10AM
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Yes, THE Rob Schneider from SNL and all the Adam Sandler movies when they were still funny

And the last time he was in Charlotte back in 2010, this happened…

Yes, that is Coolio and Rob Schneider, hanging out together at the Galway Hooker. While Deuce Bigalow was on stage at the Lake Norman Comedy Zone, the king of the gangsta’s paradise was on stage at the Uptown Amphitheater before coming to see Rob’s show.  Now that is what I call: “Hip-Hop Anonymous” — and random.

YOU CAN DOOOOO IT! Rob proved that he really can do it — as in be as funny live as he is in his movies. Of course he performed his famous lines for us. His jokes were almost comforting in a sense — he was deriving humor out of things going on in the world that we otherwise stress over. Comedy is everything short of tragedy, after all.

Rob is not just a great character actor, but he’s also an overall great character — and perhaps one of the nicest, most down-to-earth celebrities I’ve ever met. (Despite the fact that he picked on my friend for getting up in the middle of the show to use the restroom. Why do comedians always hackle people for getting up to pee? … when you make us laugh that hard you put us at risk for peeing in our pants — especially someone with a full bladder.)

There was another comedy show at the Hooker last night … starring my uterus.

One of the members of Coolio’s entourage announced to the whole club after the show that I was his future baby’s mama.

“Did he just call dibs on my uterus?” How does one respond to that? I don’t know about normal people, but I gave him a lecture about how my uterus is not a vacant real estate lot he could fertilize. “Do you already have a baby’s mama?” my friend asked him. No response.  [Via my Column in the Creative Loafing]

Here’s the information on Rob’s shows at the Comedy Zone in the NC Music Factory (900 NC Music Factory Blvd.). Shows Friday (8 and 10:15 p.m.) and Saturday (7 and 9:30 p.m.), $25 general admission, $50 VIP. 980-321-4702.

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