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This past February we gave away a Valentine’s Day package on our show. We asked listeners to email us why they should win the package, which included a gourmet meal, hotel stay, car service, and much more. We had no idea this would lead to the most heart warming story that any of us have ever encountered in radio. Below you will read the winning email, and several more incredible updates…


Taylor and Marc,

I’m going to be really honest here. My wife and I need a break. Big time. In June of 2009 we lost our 4 year old baby girl in an accident. Her name was Olivia Grace Leatherman. To say she was our heart and soul would be the understatement of the year. Just waking up each morning is a task. For the last two years we have tried to have another child but we have suffered two miscarraiges. My wife is taking this very hard. As am I. But she is blaming herself because the doctors are telling us that her age is playing a big part in trying to conceive. Guys, I don’t need this, but my wife does. I would love to watch her relax and have a smile on her face if just for one night. Sorry If this is a downer but I can think of no other woman that deserves this more than my wife Tammy.

Thanks for a great show guys. Laughing with you guys helps me get through the tough days. For that, I will always be in your debt.


Paul Leatherman


Hey Guys,

 I was the winner of the valentine give away. We are actually using the all the gift certificates that you gave us this Saturday. I know the show is crazy today but I just wanted to let you know about something.

   As you saw in my entry letter to the contest, we lost our 4 year old daughter in 2009. We have also suffered 2 miscarraiges since then. Since then we have been trying to get pregnant without any luck. It had been over a year since the last miscarriage. We decided to go to the Reach Fertility Clinic in Charlotte for help. We were getting no where with that. So, the night that I found out I won the prize I went home to tell my wife and needless to say she was excited. So excited that she rewarded me if you know what I mean.

Well, two weeks from that night we found out that she is pregnant! I’ve wanted to tell you guys about it since that day but we wanted to make sure we got a little further along before we said anything.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know what joy you guys helped bring to my life! I AM THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!!! Literally. So this baby will be considered the WFNZ THE DRIVE SHOW BABY!!

Thank you so much for every thing. Thank you so much for the laughs every day, thank you for the passion you bring to the show every day.


Paul Leatherman



Taylor, Marc, QCB, Tony, and Weezie,

I just wanted to write in and let you guys know that the Drive Show Baby Grant Ray Leatherman decided to show up this past Monday afternoon at 5:06pm. He weighed in at a robust 8lbs, 13oz, and 22″ long. My heart is bursting with pride! I am literally tear up just typing this because I can’t believe he’s mine and I can’t believe God has blessed me with the chance to be a dad again.

My wife is amazing. To see her smile again and truly be happy does something to my heart and soul that I can’t even explain. And knowing that Grant has a big sister in heaven named Olivia Grace Leatherman to watch over him for the rest of his life makes me feel like the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

So to Big Ben I would like to say you are doing the right thing. Anyone that honestly thinks he should miss the miricale of seeing his child come into this world is living a sad life and really needs to get a grip on what is important in life.

In closing, I just wanted to say thank you to ALL of WFNZ and especially the drive. And yes you too Tony. Just knowing that it means so much to all of our family, friends, and people like you guys makes it that much more special.

So if you will please excuse me, I must now leave work and drive home so I can hold my baby boy. Picture of the Drive Show Baby is attached.


Paul Leatherman

Talk about something to be thankful for.


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