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Live From Giants vs Panthers

Brett Jensen
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As I sit here in the press box of Bank of America Stadium watching the New York Giants take on the Carolina Panthers, it’s nice to see that the stadium is full and the fans are full of gasoline, if you know what I mean.

And you should know right away that this blog is neither informative or snarky … OK, maybe it’s a lot snarky.

Now, the question is: Will the Panthers be juiced or lay a monumental egg, like they’ve been prone to do in big games. This city needs a win. This team needs a win. The fans need a win.

The opening drive of the game comes from the Giants and it looks very similar to last week’s drive by the Saints as the Giants went right down the field and scored an easy touchdown.

It’s 7-0 New York after one drive.

I’d like to take this moment to say that the Doghouse was rocking today prior to the game. It was also nice to see that it wasn’t overrun by a bunch of obnoxious, overweight, non-English pronouncing Giant fans. I hope that doesn’t offend anybody. If that describes you, I apologize.

Back to the game.

The Panthers aren’t looking good. In fact, they’re looking pretty darn bad. That’s certainly not what this city or team needed or wanted. But it’s still early.

Uh oh, another score by the Giants and it’s 10-0. Former N.C. State running back Andre Brown has been ridiculous. He looks like a combination of Frank Gore and Mike Tolbert – big and elusive.

Well, there’s another punt by Carolina. This isn’t going well. And wouldn’t you know it, the Giants just scored another touchdown. That makes it 17-0 and we’re still in the FIRST QUARTER.


Line of the night: usually it’s the Bobcats that are down by 17 points at the end of the first quarter.


Some early observations: The defense can’t stop the run and while the absence of Thomas Davis does hurt, it wouldn’t matter that much. Also, Jon Beason still looks slow. He’s missed a tackle that led to a big run, missed an interception and has had issues covering people. It’s not the same Beason. Maybe as the season progresses, he will get healthier.

The Giants have just kicked another field goal and it’s now 20-0. The good news is Carolina gets to travel to Atlanta next week. Oh, wait…

The Panthers have been so bad that nobody has remembered that there are replacement refs on the field.

Here are some fun facts that you may not have known about members of the New York Giants, which may or may not be true:

Backup quarterback David Carr, known for wearing gloves on each hand and being the number one overall pick, likes listening to Opera-style music as he showers… Safety Antrel Rolle went to Miami. He also once ate 24 jumbo crickets in 30 seconds… Marvin Austin, he of the UNC scandal fame, was seen before the game trying to find his agent John Blake (UNC joke)… Receiver Ramses Barden was named after the UNC mascot.


The third quarter started like the first half as the Giants scored again to make it 23-0.

Another good line from a reporter: What do the Panthers and Obama have in common? Neither show up at Bank of America Stadium on Thursday nights.

WOOOHOOOO!!!!! Carolina scores to make it 23-7. Yet, there was dancing and a celebration after the touchdown. Shameless.

Maybe Carolina should retire the blue jerseys. Tonight and the play against Tampa would suggest as much.

Frank Alexander just got a sack for Carolina and he’s been the most consistent defensive lineman through the first three games.

Giants kick a field goal to make it 26-7.

This has been a very disappointing night, to say the least. The more things change for Carolina, the more they stay the same.


During the break between the third and fourth quarters, the New York Giants defense did something I’ve never seen before: the entire defense kneeled down in a tight circle and said a prayer. I’ve always seen it at the end of games, but never during a game.

Here are the names of the game: Prince Amukamara, Ramses Barden, Rocky Bernard, Chase Blackburn, Linval Joseph, Adewale Ojomo and Bear Pascoe.

Cam Newton just threw his second interception. The Panthers are now 0-12 when he throws a pick.

Taylor Zarzour and myself just received an email containing a picture of a woman in the stands her at the stadium playing Scrabble on her phone.

There’s 13 minutes left in the game and the stadium is 40 percent full, at best.

All you Time Warner Cable people outside of Charlotte are lucky you weren’t subjected to this.

Touchdown Giants. It’s 33-7. The only good news is that my pickup yesterday in fantasy football, Andre Brown, has scored two touchdowns.

The worst part is that there’s still 9:40 left in the game.

What’s been a bigger disappointment, Carolina’s performance or the flight of the Hindenburg?

Panthers are about to score. So help me, if there is celebration I will lose it.

Well, I don’t have to worry about that as Cam throws another pick. That’s the fourth time he’s thrown at least three interceptions in a game in 18 career games.

David Carr is on the field!! And of course, he get’s sacked. Some things never change.

And another fumble by Joe Adams, his second of the night. He has to get benched. I like Joe Person’s idea of having Captain Munnerlyn return punts.

As Mark Yarbro just pointed out, this game isn’t as close as the score.

Well, thanks for reading my blog and I’m sorry you were subjected to the game and this blog. And as always, stay thirsty, my friends.

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