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Study Finds More Americans Tweet About Church Than Beer

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File photo of Twitter homepage.  (credit: Brigitte Merle/Getty Images)

File photo of Twitter homepage. (credit: Brigitte Merle/Getty Images)

CHARLOTTE (CBS Charlotte) – It appears Americans would rather pray than go to a bar as a new survey finds more people tweet about church than they do about beer.

Floating Sheep – an academic blog — conducted a survey over a span of a week and used Twitter to see which word, church or beer, was tweeted more often. They determined that 17,686 tweets contained the word “church,” with half originating on Sunday. The word “beer” was tweeted 14,405 times and was more evenly distributed throughout the week.

Some findings point out that San Francisco had the largest margin in favor of beer tweets while Boston came in a close second.

On the other side, Dallas had the largest margin of church tweets.

Many of the tweets about church were users posting a check-in, such as using Foursquare.

Researchers also determined that southern states tweeted more about church while the Northeast and upper Midwest would rather tweet about what beer they were drinking.

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