College Football is About To Be Alot Better

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I understand the feelings  of those who think College Football’s impending 12 team playoff is no big deal.  The naysayers tell me the Powers that be are doing the bare minimum to appease the fans.  Or, that there will still be controversy.  Or, that it is only one extra game when you consider these teams were playing a bowl game anyway. 

I however choose to look at the coming playoff in college football as a glass that is half full.  Can you imagine a Rose Bowl-Orange Bowl doubleheader that serves as the  National Semi Finals on New Year’s Day. It would be a college version of the NFL’s Championship weekend.    It would be an unbelievable day of football.  It also would give 2 more teams the chance to compete for the title. I feel alot better about teams 5 and 6 getting left out than team 3.   There won’t be a 2004 Auburn situation where an unbeaten major conference team is left out.  And, that is a good thing.

The one part of this 4 team postseason senario that the school Presidents will most likely approve on Tuesday, is the use of the selection committee.  The most likely scenario has old coaches and administrators picking the 4 best teams afteer the season.  I hate the BCS with a passion, but is a committee of fogies that much better than using the BCS Rankings?  I can hear it now, Bobby Bowden turns to Lavelle Edwards and asks him  if he saw Oklahoma at all this season and Lavelle says he didn’t because they were always on during Matlock or nap time.

But, even if the Selection Committee is a little goofy, this is a step in the right direction. And, I believe we ultimately will live to see an 8 team postseason (complete with an actual ACC team in the tourney). Until then, I say we enjoy the soon to be new and improved postseason.

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