Hitting To All Fields: David Stern vs. Jim Rome…NOBODY Watched the Stanley Cup Finals Again…Boxing Kills its “Golden Goose” For NO Good Reason

by Marc with a "C" James
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First and foremost, Kevin Durant scored 17 Points in the 4th Quarter Alone in Game 1 of the NBA Finals against Miami…To put that in perspective, LeBron James scored a Grand Total of 18 Points in ALL SIX FINALS GAMES LAST YEAR…Now you tell me, who’s the “REAL” MVP?…

If LeBron doesn’t lead the Heat to an NBA World Title against Oklahoma City , he will automatically and undeniably become “The Most Glorified Runner-Up in Sport History”…

Pacquiao gets Robbed by Corrupt Judges in controversial loss to Timothy Bradley…Way to go for an Already Dead Sport Boxing to kill its inevitable “GOLDEN GOOSE”  in the Future aka Mayweather vs. Pacquiao…

Even Enron, Bernie Madoff, & David Stern (With his NBA Draft Lottery) thinks the Pacquiao fight was Fraudulent…

Speaking of Mr. Stern, he replied condescendingly to Jim Rome’s legitimate question of the legitimacy of the NBA Draft Lottery Process with quote: “Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife Yet?”…Very nice for a man whom represents the NBA & makes at least $20 million a Year to be a Suit. Keep it Classy Commissioner…

Vince McMahon, how about putting David Stern vs. Jim Rome in a Steel Cage for the World “MIDGET” Wrestling Championship?…

How Sad that “A-ROID” Alex Rodriguez gets NO Recognition for tying Lou Gehrig for All-Time Grand Slams. It truly shows how Steroid completely ruins Legacies & Careers…

The Los Angeles Kings beat Devils for Stanley Cup, but Less People saw it than a “Golden Girls” Re-Run, does it count if NOBODY watched?

Sincerely, The Unsilent Majority better known as Marc with a “C”.

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