Boxing Trainer Teddy Atlas: “Everytime This Happens In My Sport It Makes Me Sick”

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Manny Pacquiao v Timothy Bradley

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The Drive Monday 6-11-12-Teddy Atlas the legendary trainer talks with Taylor and Marc about the fight Saturday night, if this was the final nail in the coffin for boxing and we get his thoughts on the state of boxing in todays sports world.

According to Teddy Atlas, the controversy surrounding the Bradley Pacquiao fight is just the tip of the iceberg.

“The reason this is getting national attention is because there’s a marquee name, happens to be Pacquiao, attached to it. It’s no less damaging or no less wrong and hurtful to the fighters and to their careers and to the fan base than what happens almost every week.”

Atlas mentioned a few other fights involving younger, lesser-known athletes and the unfair officiating they’ve received.

“It’s a continuation of the ills of the sport, what’s driving it towards being less relevant, and what’s pushing fans away from such a magnificent sport. The sport itself is still great. It’s the administratives of the sport that should be shown the way to the exit door.”

Atlas began his rant, explaining that there were only two terms that could account for what’s currently going on in boxing.

“One is incompetence, which is being tolerated over and over with no accountability for these idiot judges who are ruining kids’ careers and ruining the fan base and destroying the sport. Then, the other one is corruption. It can’t be anything else.”

According to Atlas, one of the main problems in boxing finds itself in the lack of separation between those making money and those administrating in the sport.  He explained that baseball doesn’t have the same improprieties as boxing because the national commission keeps officials honest.

“Every other sport has a national commission. This is the only sport that doesn’t have it. Every other sport has accountability. You had a rogue official not too long ago in the NBA, and the FBI got involved and they got rid of the guy. They didn’t hesitate on it.”

Atlas went even further with his rant,  speaking out for many of the athletes that seem to have no voice in the face of the current corruption.

“Why does nobody care about this sport? Is it because they’re inner city kids, and nobody cares about these inner city kids? They’re putting themselves on the line. They’re entertaining people. They’re going out there and making sure that they give everything they have on any given night. ..That should be applauded. It shouldn’t be wrecked the way it’s being wrecked here.”

We asked him how he would propose that a commission be made and how to construct it for the best results.

“I’d have to find somebody who’s not in the sport of boxing. I don’t trust too many people that have been in too long. They have too many relationships. It’d have to be somebody that I completely trust, knowing that he’s impeccable when it comes to his judgement and character. I’d want to put a strong czar in place that has the ability to put rulings across the board, all over the country.”

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