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Gary Danielson Talks College Football And His Ideal Playoff Scenario

Mac Attack
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Mac Attack 6/5/12: Gary Danielson from CBS stops by and talks with the guys about college football and gives us his ideal playoff scenario.

College football has seen a great deal of dissension lately, as conferences realign and playoff protocols come under fire. Gary Danielson gave us his ideal scenario but acknowledged the array of opinions currently held from a number of different individuals.

“There’s so much negotiating going on in public, and it’s like two lawyers on both sides don’t want to give their final offer,” Danielson said.

Danielson repeatedly acknowledged the need to create a system beneficial to all of college football, not just the so-called ‘elite.’ His belief in a six-team playoff has been a fight he said he’s been involved in for 14 years.

“Everybody’s got one of these ideas, and I respect that…[My idea] was a six-team playoff. I thought it included more teams, and it was better for all of college football to include more. I don’t think you could have a runaway here where the elites take their ball and go home. I don’t think that’s good for everyone. We might have to play an extra game to satisfy the need for all of college football to be involved.”

Still, Danielson admitted that a six-team playoff would obviously not be the structure ultimately adopted by the organization this year. A “three and one formula” is what Danielson believes will be the final solution. “You can’t have a championship that excludes a great team that’s caught in a conference with another great team,” he said.

While the three and one playoff structure is admissible for Danielson, the adoption of a selection committee is still problematic.

“The selection committee is very scary,” said Danielson. “It’s why I advocated six teams. I don’t want to change the arguing and the public’s involvement in college football because if we just take the four champions, what are we going to talk about for four months. That’s the charm of college football.”

Speculation that the playoff system may routinely leave out ACC and Big East teams has created controversy among football fans. Danielson expressed support for this notion.

“We’ve had a lot of great things with college football over the last 15 years taken from a regional sport to a national sport,” Danielson said. “I hope we don’t go the other way and eliminate maybe 25 teams.”

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