Charles Barkley Interview: Michael Jordan Is (Mad) At Me

Brett Jensen
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On The Beat With Brett Jensen 5-22-12: NBA legend Charles Barkley joins Brett Jensen and Mike Gminski to talk about his friend Michael Jordan and the problems with Bobcats, as well as what’s going on with the NBA playoffs.

The Charlotte Bobcats are currently looking for a head coach in the off season and preparing themselves to hopefully get the #1 pick in the NBA Draft.  Barkley feels that it is crucial for the Bobcats to pick Anthony Davis to get “buzz” surrounding their team, similar to a Lebron James coming to the NBA.  But most importantly, teams need to decide what to do if you don’t get the #1 pick of Davis.

When picking a head coach, Barkley feels that Nate McMillan has been around for a long time, and the Bobcats aren’t close to being a contender: “looking at 3 years before (the Bobcats) will be in the Playoffs.  Barkley also says “Patrick Ewing is ready to be a head coach” in the NBA, and is a better option than McMillan based on his youth and eagerness to coach.

Being friends for over 30 years with Michael Jordan, Barkley might have caused some tensions between the two over his comments about how Jordan has only “yes” men surrounding him when making decisions about his NBA team.  “Nobody doesn’t want to see Michael more successful than me…nobody.”  But, “I can’t say he has done a good job.”

Looking out in the west, Barkley has no idea who is going to win the Spurs and Thunder in the Western Conference, but gives the edge to the San Antonio Spurs due to their depth.  The Oklahoma City Thunder “shoots too many jumpers” which could be a problem.

Jordan might be the best basketball player Barkley has ever seen play in person, but he went on to say Lebron James physically amazing looking person than Jordan.  Charles Barkley says that there is some anti-Lebron sentiment in the NBA against him that shouldn’t be there. Even still, he says “the Miami Heat won’t win the NBA Championship…they aren’t big enough and they aren’t deep enough.”

Listen to the full interview to hear more about the Heat/Pacers match-up, the future with Orlando Magic and firing of Van Gundy, and what would happen to the Heat if they don’t win the championship.

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