Seth Greenberg “Harrison Barnes Picked A Bad Stage To Not Play As Well As He Can Play”

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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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Mac Attack 3/26: Virginia Tech Head Coach Seth Greenberg calls in to recap the UNC loss to Kansas, talk about if Roy got out coached, who (if anybody) can beat the Wildcats, and how the Hokies look for next season.

Greenberg believes Kansas’ victory over UNC was not purely due to Kendall Marshall’s injury but mainly to Kansas’ strengths as a team and their ability to peak at the right time.

“You have to give Kansas their due…you talk about the shoot percentages, and Kendall Marshall gets the ball [and gives his teammates time to make their shots]…we can’t predict the future.  The reality is that he didn’t play and without him they are not as good…would they have been good enough to win with him?  We will never know…I thought [Kansas] played how they needed to win…the first half, they attacked early and got [UNC] on their heels, the play at the end of the half was a big play in terms of momentum…Carolina continued to hang around but Kansas had a little better grasp on the game.”

Many UNC fans have been attacking Harrison Barnes of late for his poor performance in the loss this past weekend, but Greenberg thinks the blame of the loss falling on him is unfair.  He said Barnes has shown his strength as a player but his playing poorly combined with the loss of Kendall Marshall may have been too much for the Tarheels.

“For people to attack Harrison Barnes is not fair…he is a terrific player and he has won a lot of games with Carolina…the end of the first half, he got it going a little bit…you gotta give Kansas some credit, they did a terrific job protecting the rim…again, that goes back to Kendall Marshall…is he getting the ball to them in rhythm and in time?  …Barnes got to the lane three times and didn’t finish on those drives…

Greenberg thinks Kentucky has the best firepower to win the National Championship, but all of the teams left in the tournament have a chance to knock off the Wildcats.

“I look at this Kentucky team and they have so many ways to beat you…they are tough, one or two guys can struggle and other guys can step up and replace [them]…Ohio State has experience…Louisville and their style of play…and the pressure on Kentucky playing within the commonwealth, which is interesting…and then the length of Kansas…I think the pressure will mount for Kentucky…overall the length and size of Kansas [can be the biggest threat to Kentucky]…”

Greenberg was impressed with ACC rival NC State’s run in the tourney.  He thinks they will be a great team in years to come.

“[NC State] made a great run.  They have a good team and Mark has put them in a great place!  …It is nice to have a seven man rotation…that is a good thing as a coach…”

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