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By Chris Johnson
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Indianapolis Colts Release Peyton Manning - News Conference

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All ten of the people who read my blog have been sending me emails the past few weeks so I decided to answer a few.  I love getting the emails and you can ask me anything you want from sports to television to dating advice, whatever you got I’ll do my best to answer it.  So without further adieu here is my mail-blog.


As a Carolina fan do you have them going all the way in your bracket? If not who do you like. –Erin

Erin good question, I am one the people that will fill out about six different brackets in about four different pools. I walk around the month of March with giant wads of paper, which is my brackets all folded up, in my back pocket which makes it look like I have two wallets.  I will probably have Carolina going all the way in a couple of mine but definitely not all of them.  As a Heels fan it is hard for me to pull against them.  As someone trying to win the pool you got to bet with your heart not with your head.  I like to try and have different winners in most of my brackets.  It’s hard to not like Kentucky this year, Anthony Davis has been unreal and will no doubt be the number one draft pick, hopefully for Charlotte.  Despite their ugly uniforms I think Baylor is a team that could make some noise.  A lot will depend on how the seedings look when they come out tonight.  I do like Carolina and think they can go deep but they really need to start clicking to win it all.

As every year there will be a smaller school to make a buzz in the tournament.  I don’t expect these guys to win it all but when you are filling out your brackets don’t sleep on these teams: Wichita St., VCU, St. Marys, and Murray St.  I can’t wait to see all the pairings tonight, and good luck with all your pools.

Why is it that the ACC keeps putting these terrible officials on national TV spots? It’s just so embarrassing. Am I overreacting? Do I think these refs are terrible because I have seen so many of their games or are they truly the worst in the country?-Austin

This one came to me last weekend after the Carolina Duke game.  Austin you are right the ACC refs have been terrible this year.  I was absolutely shocked when I saw that Karl Hess was calling the Carolina Duke game.  I thought he should have been suspended after what he did at NC State, not give the crown jewel of games for the ACC.  Hess was not asked to ref in the ACC tournament he instead went and called games for the Big East tourney.  After watching the Carolina State game and the FSU Duke game yesterday I don’t think it mattered.  There were terrible calls on both sides of the ball in both of those games.  If I was a State fan I would be understandably upset today especially if they don’t make the big dance.  Hopefully this afternoon we can get a game where we aren’t watching both Carolina and Florida State’s benches finish out the last five minutes.

Who is your favorite character from The Wire?-Jacob

Jacob I can only assume you are asking me this due to the tournament bracket that is doing on the greatest Wire character of all time.  First off let me say I am not the best authority on who the best should be.  I only started watching The Wire last year and so far I am only through three seasons.  I plan to finish them up after March Madness is over with.  I know, I know shame on me.  It’s hard for me to pick one guy, I really like Bunk, and I think he is hilarious.  The scene where he and McNulty are revising a crime scene and only use a four letter word that rhymes with truck the entire time is one of the best scenes in the history of television. If you haven’t seen it and don’t have small children around I suggest you look it up on YouTube.   I could make an argument for Omar and Stringer Bell as well, but if I had to pick one from Grantland’s bracket I would have to take Bunk based on what I have seen so far.  Now I may change that after I see the final two seasons but for now it’s Bunk.  I would like to point out that there is one character I think is missing from their mock tournament and that is Ziggy Sobotka’s pet duck.  The duck was great, he brought him into Delores’s bar on a leash and diamond studded collar, fed him beer and whiskey, and pretended to be blind as he was using the duck as some type of seeing-eye-animal, it was awesome.  Something cracks me up about watching that duck take whiskey out of a shot glass. However like many of his other fellow Wire characters the poor duck met his demise early.

@BruceRWilson Can people stop talking about Peyton going to the Jets now? #SanchezExtension

This is not really an e-mail but something Bruce tweeted out yesterday which caused a bet with me and him.  I agree with Bruce, Peyton is not going to the Jets now that they gave Mark Sanchez a contract extension, so we can put that to rest.  I don’t really think he would have been a good fit in NY anyways.  I told Bruce that I thought Peyton would be taking his talents to South Beach, so that’s where my money is.  Miami is not the number one fit for Manning, in my opinion, but I do think this is where he will end up. Don’t be surprised if you see a few other names that used to don Colt’s jerseys in Miami either.  To me the Texans and 49ers are the two teams that should really make a run at 18.  They both are really just a quarterback away from winning a Super Bowl.  Both teams have outstanding defenses, feature a superb running game, and are able to control the tempo of their games.  Add in Peyton to one of them, and they a brining back a Lombardi trophy.  Apparently both organizations feel like they have something in their respective qbs, Matt Schaub, and Alex Smith and aren’t really buying into grabbing Manning.  To me that makes it all the better for them. Take the chance on Manning and if he is the Peyton of before then you have a Super Bowl.  If he is not able to bounce back from the surgeries and he is only a shell of himself, you still have Schaub or Smith.  To me Peyton at 60% is still better than Schaub or Smith at 100%.  With all that said I think Miami will make him an offer he can’t refuse and hopefully he can get one Miami team a Championship.

The Redskins way over spent to get RGIII.  I can’t believe they mortgaged three drafts to get this guy.  I am not crazy right?-Bill

Well Bill I am not a psychiatrist so I wouldn’t feel safe diagnosing you one way or another but I will address your RGIII question.  Yes the Redskins did spend a lot to get Griffin, this year’s first and second round picks along with first round picks for the next two years, but I think they had to.  There is no way Manning was going to end up there and they are in dire need of a franchise quarterback.  From the sounds of it Cleveland was offering St. Louis a similar deal so Washington felt lie they need to go all in.  RGIII does seem to have the talent, I just wonder how he will pan out in Washington which seems to be where quarterbacks go to die.  There is no question it is a gamble that if it pans out could put Washington in a similar situation as the Panthers to where they have found a guy they can build around, although that will be harder to do without first round draft picks for the next two years.  If it fails then this could put the franchise back for a decade or more.  I feel like Mike Shanahan and his staff were seeing the writing on the wall and if they didn’t do something they were going to be out.  If this works it could buy Shanahan a few more years but if it doesn’t he will be out which he probably would have been anyway.  Clearly St. Louis is the real winner here and with all these draft picks could put something together in a weak conference and make a run at the playoffs.

The real question I want to know is what if the Colts had of kept Manning made a similar trade with either Cleveland or Washington, to move up into the one spot and then they could have had their pick of Luck or RGIII.  Then Indy could have moved down gotten another piece on defense and still picked up the heir to the Manning throne with their other second round pick. But hey that’s just me.

Thanks everybody for sending in your e-mails. And continue to send them to  Good luck to all in filling out your brackets next week and here’s to a lazy Sunday.

Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect those of Sports Radio 610 AM WFNZ The Fan.

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