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Kris Jenkins: “I Never Experienced A Bounty Program With The Jets Or Panthers”

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(Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Charlotte The Mac Attack- Edited The Mac Attack 6AM-10AM
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Mac Attack 3/5/12: Former New York Jets, and Carolina Panthers defensive lineman Kris Jenkins calls in to talk about the bounties in the NFL, what should happen to Greg Williams, and how dumpster diving resulted in Kris Jenkins Super Bowl playbook ending up in a yard sale.

Jenkins is deeply perturbed about the “Bounty Gate” scandal surfacing about coaches paying players to purposely injure opposing threats. He believes it is bringing down the game of football.

“There is a difference between making somebody submit and affecting the way they play versus trying to injure them…you don’t want to go out there and try to injure someone…you would hope there is a certain code of ethics where people would at least have the maturity to abide by…I think that it is a bad representation of players…when the things happen, it is like crying over something you caused to happen.”

He admitted he neither of the programs he has been a part of, the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers, used practices like this in their play.  He was proud to admit that both teams held the safety of their players, and the game itself, in higher regard than to stoop so low as to essentially turn players in to hit men.

“I can honestly say that I have never experienced with the Jets or with the Panthers…when you look at what happened, it is just saying it is ok to cheat…it’s not cool.  It is something that cuts in to the heart and integrity of the game…if I’m somebody being targeted…man up! …You want to challenge yourself as a man against the best to be the best…”

He thinks Gregg Williams will likely have to make a hasty exit from the NFL with all of the Bounty Gate information that is surfacing.

“I think he is going to have some sort of exit…he is going to be the guy that unfortunately is going to have to catch the brunt of everything…when you hear players saying this is common, well, how common is it?  Which players and teams are doing it?  …I wonder if this is another one of those things like Spy Gate that is so big they sweep it under the table again…those are the types of things that affect [the community, team, everything!]”

Jenkins experienced Spy Gate with the New England Patriots first hand but feels Bounty Gate itself is a much deeper rooted issue than spying on other teams to ‘predict’ plays and moves.

“I think this is a bigger deal than Spy Gate…it’s about film and scouting…[what the Patriots did,] they are not jeopardizing the safety and health of the guys…you could tell [if a move against a player] was done intentionally…and it could change or end someone’s career…that sounds like the game is changing…if happened to me, I just wish I could defend myself from it…let me see it, let me try and defend myself!”

Jenkins did have parting words for his former team, the New York Jets.  He admitted he found it much harder to play in New York with all the celebrity constantly floating around and believes many members of the team are too caught up in being perceived as famous, and that carries over in to the locker room and team dynamic.

“[A strong chemistry is hard to come by each year, and just because you have it one year, does not mean you will the next...] That chemistry is almost impossible to duplicate…the leadership that you have…it plays a part in it all and that chemistry is what keeps it afloat…Unfortunately, New York is a lot harder to play in…you have a lot of opportunity to get your butt kissed…some guys have a hard time being able to focus on the things they need to do as a football player and they can gravitate towards [celebrity]…I think Rex Ryan got caught up in that a little bit…he definitely shook up the organization and …got caught up in his success…I am curious to see if they are going to bounce back and how they are going to do it…”

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