ESPN, Chris Mortensen: “Peyton Is Much Farther Along Than What They Are Alluding To”

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2005 American Bowl in Tokyo - Indianapolis Colts vs Atlanta Falcons - August 6, 2005

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The Drive Thursday 3-1-12- Chris Mortensen from ESPN talks with Taylor and Marc about Peyton Manning, whether or not he is headed to the Miami Dolphins and if Robert Griffin III is the next Cam Newton.

Mortensen admitted that he has done little outside of working on Peyton Manning’s return to the Colts-or appearance with another NFL team in the past few weeks.  He said a decision would be made within the next week, but he wasn’t willing to say whether or not Manning would definitely be with the Colts.

“There is a process here that is ongoing between the Colts and Manning…it’s a possibility [that he stays]…it would have to be Peyton knowing that if you go back there that if it is a bad football team,…at some point it is going to be the call for Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III [whomever the pick is in the draft]…the guy has played there his entire career…there are certain things in place there for it to work, the question is who is going to be on the roster.”

Mortensen said there are many NFL teams looking at Manning as a potential quarterback for next season but definitely feels Manning would be a good fit for the Miami Dolphins, a front runner for the veteran player.

“Yeah, I’d say they are one of the favorites, I’d put the Dolphins way up there… You have a team that is really talented-Jake Long, Reggie Bush…they have a defense that is not too bad…there is a lot to be said.. this whole idea that you have to run Peyton’s system is almost an insult to him.  This is probably a smarter football guy than we’ve ever seen…I guarantee over the years Peyton has talked about every nuance of the west coast offense…Miami is definitely one of the favorites…there are going to be quite a few teams in it and it is just a matter of him eliminating them.

Sources surrounding Manning have been saying he has been performing well below veteran QB standards and should be heading for retirement – Mortensen believes otherwise.  He cautioned that these reports, although just surfacing, are often several months old.

The guy is throwing well…what somebody may be hearing may be an assessment from two months ago as opposed to what is happening right now…I understand that information flow sometimes gets snagged and diverted…[the information is not always current because people get pressed for information, so they say what they know, even if they are using old information].”


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