What Makes Sports News?

By: Bruce Wilson
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Since becoming a professional blogger for WFNZ 610 AM The Fan Sports Radio I’ve often wondered why some of my blogs get lots of views and some don’t. So I started thinking about what draws people into the post, the title right? In most cases yes. Examples: “My Hate For UNC“, “Down Goes Duke“, & “Duke ‘Rivers’ UNC” brought in tons readers (not just because they were awesome posts but attractive titles). My weekly ACC & SEC basketball reports don’t because the title is not as catchy.

So instead of doing something productive (like my Weekly ACC Basketball report) I scanned the web and found myself entangled in a maze of blogs, articles, and posts. I clicked and read almost everyone because it had a good title and I quickly learned that not all good titles lead to good articles. Matter of fact most good titles tease you into clicking on it and then after 20 seconds you’ve gotten what you wanted out of the piece and are mad at yourself for wasting your time on it (the same feeling anyone gets from watching Nancy Grace or Chelsea Handler).

After a while of browsing I noticed a reoccurring trend of stories of things that just flat-out not important. I mean what makes a story newsworthy or interesting? (I can already hear the jokes and comments about my posts not being newsworthy and interesting, save it for someone who’s really not interesting, like Marc James).

So instead of bringing you the same old “UNC/Duke best in the ACC” and “Wildcats are SEC kings” I’m going to share some of the worst titles and stories I could find on the net. First you may want to grab a bottle of whiskey and a spoon because you’re going to want to get drunk or gouge your eyes out after reading some of this crap.

  • A few minutes on Yahoo gave us these two beauties: “NFL needs to open access to Underwear Olympics” and “Are broadcasters to blame for Americans’ disconnect with soccer?” Multiple problems with these that led to me NOT clicking on them. First being I don’t care to see anything that has to do with 300+ pound football players in their underwear. Secondly why are we talking about soccer? I thought we were only allowed to discuss it every four years during the World Cup.
  • The main page of CBSSports has two more that can be deemed ‘not newsworthy’: “Meet the debts” and “NASCAR suspends Knaus“. It seems like every team in the NL East has a chance to win the thing, except the Mets. Is an article on their financial woes really necessary. And c’mon, the crew chief of the #48 car getting suspended for cheating? I thought his weekly cheating was old news, kinda like Jeremy Mayfield.
  • Massive Dynamics, uh I mean ESPN currently has “Marlins RF wants to be called Giancarlo Stanton” and “Duke looking for more than a bowl game“. First of all if Stanton hits 34 home runs like he did last season, new Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen will call him any name Stanton wants. As for Heather Dinich’s article on my beloved Blue Devils, I thought I was the only fool in the world talking about Duke football. It’s a slow news day so I’m guessing someone at the Network thought it would be funny to see if anyone would click on either story. Well they got at least one hit on each. If I could be serious for a moment (Lance Storm) the Dinich story is a nice piece and you really should read it.
  • Last but not least is our favorite site: And since my close friend DJ Stout told me I can’t write anything bad about the station, he didn’t say anything about me making fun of the website. You can currently find “Bobcats-Piston Preview“. This is funny, and odd, for numerous reasons. More people will read this blog (about 12 total) than care about that game. The Bobcats are so bad they will probably have the worst win-percentage of any team in NBA history. Instead of watching the game we should all wonder why Michael Jordan isn’t renaming the Bobcats the Hornets (assuming the team in New Orleans dissolves, moves to Seattle, or joins the D-league).

What are some of the funniest sports related titles you’ve seen lately? No I am not the father of Snooki’s baby and yes, I saw the one that talks about Tiger Woods wanting to become a Navy Seal.

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Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect those of Sports Radio 610 AM WFNZ The Fan.

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