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Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio: “Randy Moss Can Still Do Damage In The NFL”

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(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

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Mac Attack 2/15/12: NBC and Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio calls in to talk Randy Moss, why the ball is now in Peyton’s court, and if Roger Goodell is making too much money.

Florio seemed confident that IF Randy Moss could still prove himself, with the right team, he would make some waves in the NFL.  Florio said with a team like the New England Patriots, a team with a strong coach and great quarterback that will get him the ball, he might be able to excel.  Florio didn’t think Moss had burned any bridges with the Patriots and a potential pickup could be beneficial for both the Patriots and Moss.

“His agent told me…three teams called right away and here’s the thing…there is a definite downside to Randy Moss…There is quit in this guy…We’ve seen it.  When things aren’t going his way, when the teams not going well, when he’s not getting the ball, or any combination of the three, he mentally disconnects…if Moss is pointed in the right direction mentally, he will be in a good position…how much does he have left?  Can he run? …He has to prove he can run, and if he can run…with the right team, and if it is a good team and a competitive team and a good quarterback…if he can run, Randy Moss can do some damage at a competitive level.”

Florio felt that DeSean Jackson also had something to prove this upcoming NFL season to the Eagles and should be rushing to be labeled a franchise player, but felt the Eagles will probably trade him.

“ The Eagles don’t want to let this guy walk away…once he signs that one year deal, the Eagles might have a little bit of a problem…if they can’t trade him, they can’t lose that franchise tag [they are stuck with him, and his salary]…DeSean Jackson needs to sprint to the table and sign the franchise tag…[the real question at hand is] can someone give the Eagles what they want [to get rid of Jackson] and give DeSean Jackson what he wants [more money]?…He is playing scared…he said his top priority is to stay healthy.  [Shouldn’t it be to win games?] …he is going to stay gun shy until he gets [whatever it takes to get that $20 million deal].”

Florio has hopes that there will be many interesting NFL changes in the next few weeks.  He feels strongly that the salary cap leftovers should be able to roll over in to the next season because it will put more money in to the GAME, benefiting the players in the long term versus going straight in to the owners pockets.  He think that with this year’s minimum spending percentage you won’t see a huge rollover like with some teams from last year, but believes the roll over is a good idea.

“There is no reason to not carry over any remaining cap space you have…there will be less big dollars carried over…you still don’t have to spend it. …If you don’t carry it over, where does it end up?  In the pocket of the owner…once we get the minimum cap spend kick in, I don’t think we will see huge numbers carried over.”

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