NBC And Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio: “The Hall Of Fame Voting Needs To Change”

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(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

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Mac Attack 2/8/12: NBC and Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio calls in to talk Gronk’s ankle, Belichick’s decision to let the Giants score, and why the Hall of Fame voting process needs to be changed.

After the disappointing finish for the Patriots, several players were seen partying and celebrating rather than mourning the loss.  Gronkowski took a lot of flack for jumping around on his ankle, but Florio believes the celebrations should have happened, and players had every right to celebrate their loss.

“What do we expect?  The guys finish their season and celebrate the fact that they are at the Super Bowl.  The party was already going to happen-win or lose.  LMFAO and Maroon 5, Earth, Wind and Fire were there, win or lose…their season is over; they need to unwind a little bit…  It’s not for us to judge how someone mourns the loss…they made it to the Super Bowl, they almost won, they can go be depressed about it or celebrate the fact that they almost won and made it to the Super Bowl.”

He did note that certain players on the team, took the loss the way fans hoped.  Quarterback Tom Brady reportedly spent an hour at his locker before emerging.  Florio explained how Brady was able to take the loss so hard:

“The quarterbacks get so much of the blame and so much of the credit; it is understandable they take losses [hard].  Especially Tom Brady who was on the Mt. Rushmore of Quarterbacks [and essentially fell off it]…is now [never going to be in the same league] as Joe Montana.”

He also said Belichick should mourn some of the calls made during the game, especially the one letting Bradshaw score for the Giants.

“These are decisions being made in real time under the most stressful times…there were plenty of bad decisions being made on both sides…but those last plays should have never happened.”

The announcement of the Hall of Fame comes on the eve of the Super Bowl, and Florio expressed his dislike for the timing, and voting process.

“…[the Hall of Fame voters] can keep out whoever they want to keep out…they need to expand the pool of voters, the people in the hall of fame should be able to vote…they have the ultimate cover, the Super Bowl comes 24 hours the names are called…somebody suggested last night that the real target is the Board of Trustees [not the media members who vote]…it’s higher up where the change needs to come from…”

He didn’t rule out the possibility of Coughlin and Eli Manning making it in to the Hall of Fame, but said he felt coaches had a harder time getting in than players and wasn’t wholly convinced Coughlin deserved a spot in the Hall of Fame.  His criticism didn’t stop at Coughlin but rather was a reflection of the Giants as a whole, saying he felt the best teams excel from start to finish of the season, not scrape by at the last second in to the playoffs.

 “There seems to be a reluctance to put in a coach over a player…he has as many as Parcells and Parcells didn’t get in… and he is a little higher, he delivered the first two Super Bowls in Giants history…the team plays better with their backs against the wall.  I’d like to see some excellence out of the Giants…not this stuff where you get in by the skin of your teeth…I’d like to see this team play a little bit better throughout the regular season.”

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