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Super Bowl Monday Should Be A Holiday

By Chris Johnson
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Super Bowl XLVI

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The Super Bowl is over and we are all back to work and on our normal schedule.  If your day was anything like mine you were completely spent at work got home and couldn’t wait to get into bed.  So why not have Super Bowl Monday off?  It should be a national holiday.

I am a huge fan of Bill Simmons, he writes for ESPN and has a podcast in which he talks about everything from sports to reality tv.  He brought the idea of making Super Bowl Monday a national holiday and I couldn’t have agreed with him more.  As much as I would love to take credit for this I can’t but I will expand on his idea.

This year 111.3 million people in the US watched the Super Bowl, bars were packed, houses were throwing parties, and everybody I know from the guys in my fantasy football league to my grandmother to the Russian lady at my work, who thinks Eli Manning threw a good home run in the game, saw the game in some capacity.  The Super Bowl is more than just a game it is an all-out event.  No matter diehard fan or just casual spectator, we are captivated by the entire thing, from the game itself, to the halftime show, and the commercials, nobody wants to be wondering what everybody is talking about.  I can’t think of any one event, game, or occasion that commands this much attention from the American public other than the Super Bowl.  I haven’t ever gotten together at a friend’s house to watch the State of the Union Address.  For as popular as America’s Got Dancing Voice Best Crew With The Stars Idol happens to be it doesn’t transcend all genders and age groups.  In other words there is nothing like the Super Bowl.

Monday mornings are usually a drag as it is and the Monday following the epic battle on the grid iron is worse.  We are all hung-over in one sense or another.  Whether it is all the beer we drink, pizza, wings, subs, and chips and dip we eat, or the information hangover from having every aspect of the game crammed down our throats.  The extra couple of hours of sleep we could get would serve us all well.  Not only does this give us a couple of hours of extra sleep it gives us a couple more hours to stay out later.  How about after all the preparations for the big game we probably miss a couple of chores here and there.  Now we would have the entire Monday to clean up all from the party or knock off a couple of items on the honey-do list to keep the lady in your life happy.  Instead of a day that everybody complains and grovels about it’s a day we all look forward too.

How about the economy?  Would our new found holiday not help to boost that? Absolutely, along with the extra couple of hours we have to spend money at the tavern on Sunday night we could start new traditions.  Super Bowl Monday brunch where friends can get together and discuss the events from the night before.  Was Belichick right by letting the Giants score?  He had to if not the Giants would have ran the clock out and kicked a field goal, could you pass the biscuits and gravy.  Picture this instead of marching a plate of pigs in a blanket down to your neighbors, you are now heading on a Super Bowl vacation.  How does a trip to Florida for some sun and Super Bowl sound in the middle of winter.  A couple of days of tanning and swimming as you crack open crab legs while watching MIA flip off the camera at the half time show.  All of this can happen and help boost the economy because we have that Monday off.

Now if you work for the government or bank or school system you have had a holiday since the New Year but if you work in the medical, service, or retail industry you probably haven’t.  So how do I propose that this holiday isn’t passed over by our bosses?  How about this, businesses are allowed to stay open on Super Bowl Monday but they will be taxed for staying open.  This way if a business owner wants to stay open they can but it will make them think twice about not giving us and themselves the extra day off.   The timing of the whole thing is great as well, we all need a day to break up the time between New Years and Easter.  It’s a win win for everybody.  And if this works out I will go to the governor about why the day after the Carolina Duke game should be a holiday.


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