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Who Wants To Party?

By Chris Johnson
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Super Bowl XLII

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The Super Bowl is getting closer and closer.  One of the biggest questions every year is where and how to watch the big game.  Choose right, and the Super Bowl can be one of the highlights of the early year. Choose wrong, and you could be regretting your decision for weeks.  So how do we know where to watch it?  Good thing I am here to help.


For some, the Super Bowl is nothing more than a social experience.  They may loosely watch football, or not at all, but whether you are a fan of the game or not it is hard to ignore all the hoopla.  Maybe you don’t care about the game at all, but you are always up for a party.  It’s a great opportunity for you to throw down.  If this is the case, you may want to ask for the following Monday off, because the game doesn’t usually start until later in the evening, and with the extended halftime show and post game coverage it can last late into the night.  House parties I have found are better for just the casual viewer.  More people are there for just the social aspect as opposed to watching the game.  You can make a drinking game out what the announcers’ comments are and laugh at all the million dollar commercials.  The house parties usually come with lots of food and plenty of drinks, so even if the game turns to a blowout you already have the ingredients for a good mixer – just turn the stereo on.


Maybe you are a football fan but your team sucked, missed the playoffs and you haven’t been interested in the season since Thanksgiving.  That is no reason to sit at home and sulk – how bad could it be?  Oh, you like the Browns? Sorry, yeah, that’s bad.  Fear not, guy from Ohio, just because your team is full of losers doesn’t mean you have to be.  There are plenty of reasons to go out.  Maybe the little hottie who works down the hall is heading to a party – what better excuse than to put in a little face time?  Or maybe you can make it a money-making venture.  Lots of people will have blocks you can buy, which is basically a raffle for what the final score to the game is going to be.  You can even bet on the game straight up or with the spread, which will at least give you a rooting interest in one of the teams.  Plus, with all the prop bets listed on the Super Bowl, with bets ranging from who will score the first touchdown to whether the coin toss is heads or tails to what songs Madonna will sing at halftime, surely you can find something you want to lay a few bucks on.


If you are one of those people who likes to plan parties, why not host your own gathering for the big game?  I, myself, don’t like to do this partly because I would rather leave all that to someone else, plus I live in a van down by the river, so you can’t really fit a lot of people in there.  Ok, I digress – now where was I – oh yeah, if you are into being the host or hostess with the mostest, than cook up your own soirée.  If everything goes well people will be mentioning your name on Monday in between conversations about the game winning catch and the Budweiser commercial where the guy on the couch farts the alphabet.  Kudos to you, old master of the buffalo wing dip.


Perhaps you are lucky enough to have your team actually playing on Sunday.  For you I suggest seeking out a bar that is the viewing place for your team or hosting a party specifically for your team.  There are plenty of bars in Charlotte that pledge their allegiances to either the Giants or Patriots.  This is better, because you can join in on the boos when needed or be one of the ones hugging some random person next to you after a huge touchdown.  The post game is a little easier as well – if you are on the winning side you can celebrate with hundreds of people, cheers’ing to a long, hard-fought season and bragging rights for another year.  If you are part of the losing faction, at least you have your fellow fans that you can sympathize with and complain about how the officials didn’t pick up that pass interference call in the fourth quarter.

To me, it really depends on who is playing in the Super Bowl as to what I want to do.  If a team I really like is playing, then I definitely want to be around other fans like I said before.  If a team I despise is playing, I am equally as interested in the game, but more to watch and hope the despised team loses.  I usually am fairly well spoken about which teams I like and don’t like.  I never pass up the opportunity to say something when my team is doing well.  On the same note, I love to trash-talk all teams I don’t like – just ask anyone who has ever watched a Steelers or Eagles game around me – I am like a caged dog that will impose my fandom on people against their will (sorry, couldn’t help myself on that one).  I prefer to watch the game with people who are just as into football as I am.  I like to actually watch the game itself as opposed to being there for the social aspect.  House parties are great on a Friday night, but when the game is on I don’t want to hear about the road trip you and the misses took to pick out new curtains this past weekend, save it.  If you want to talk to me about how Tom Brady is overthrowing receivers, or how the Giants front line is manhandling the Patriots, I am all ears.  I prefer to watch with good friends and die-hard fans who are watching because they know this is the last game they will see until August, and when the clock strikes zero a little piece of you dies because you know the season is over.


To each their own for how they like to enjoy the Super Bowl: hard core partier, average fan, or die-hard like myself.  Be smart and be safe this Sunday.  And GO GIANTS.

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